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Dalian JY Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, we focus on the manufacturing and development of single-layer, double-layer and multi-layer printed circuit boards.

With application in the fields of telecommunications, medical equipment, computers, automobiles, and textile machine, JY has cooperated with many customers world-wide as their leading supplier. Our products are all specially designed for each individual customer, and that has led us to cooperation with smaller companies such as our Spanish client for whom we designed a control system for physical fitness equipment. We have also cooperated with customers in UK, Poland, Australia, Iran and many other countries across the globe.

JY has established an outstanding research and development team. Based on the strong R&D ability of this team, our company offers ODM service. We have independently developed internet control systems, robot control systems, and many other customized products for different clients. We are progressing towards becoming a leading PCB manufacturer featuring the most professional design capabilities.