PCB Design Services

PCB design services!

PCB design usually have amazing ideas, we usually got the design ideas from our customer all over the world and do customized products. Our customer will send us a data sheet about their ideas and budget of the project. We will help our customers achieve their goals and do it exactly their functions.

We have a very large team of design,they have successfully did many design,our engineers have at least three years design experience.

We are very excited to help with this new ideas to become a real products. Because of all the customers amazing ideas and our engineers great effort we believe we can make more new products.

Most of the customers earn a lot from our design and someone even found a company. We also enjoy hte happiness of design and hope to work hard and do more amazing job.

If you have an amazing idea just tell us about the budget function,we will help you make it!

Just feel free contact us with an inquiry!

About JY Electronic®

JY Electronic® is the established leader in providing innovative and reliable PCB & PCBA solutions for the electronic design industry. With over 20 years of experience in supplying high quality, on-time PCB & PCBA prototypes and mass production, JY Electronic is committed to improving production process for the design engineer from quote to delivery.  JY Electronic provides unparalleled customer service and leads the industry with a real On-Time Guarantee that is the first of its kind. For more information about JY's innovative PCB & PCBA solutions, or to learn more about quote and ordering process, please visit