High TG refers to high heat resistance.

High TG refers to high heat resistance.

With the fast development of electronics industry, the electronic products (e.g. the computer field), which achieve the functional and multi-layer development, need the PCB base materials with higher heat resistance as an important guarantee. Since the emergence and development of SMT and CMT high-density installation, the realization of small aperture, precise route layout, and ultra-thin appearance of PCB gradually rely on the support of high heat resistance of base materials. The base materials of PCB, under the conditions of high temperature, will easily soften, deform, or melt, and has the mechanical and electrical features sharply declined.

Generally, the differences between common FR-4 material and high Tg FR-4 material include: under the heat conditions, especially heating after moisture absorption, high Tg materials have better mechanical strength, dimension stability, adhesiveness, moisture absorption, thermal decomposition, and thermal expansion than that of common PCB base materials.

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