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Why PCB Is Green ?

Why pcb is green

The pcb with copper on both sides. In the production of PCB, whether the copper layer made by addition method. Or subtraction method, the final surface will be smooth and unprotected. Copper is not as chemical property as aluminum, iron, or magnesium. However, in the presence of water, pure copper easily oxidized in contact with oxygen. Because the thickness of copper layer in PCB is very thin. The oxidized copper will become a bad conductor of electricity.It will greatly damage the electrical performance of the whole PCB.

1、 Oxidation Prevention

Because of the presence of oxygen and Water Vapor in the air. So pure copper surface in contact with air will occur soon after the oxidation reaction. To prevent copper oxidation, to separate the soldered and unsoldered parts of the PCB during welding.And to tecte surface of the PCB, engineers developed a special coating. The paint can  easily brushed on the PCB surface, forming a protective layer with a certain thicknes.And blocking the contact of copper and air. This coating  called a solder mask and the material used is a solder mask paint.


 2、 Protect the Eyes

We generally choose green, because the green eye stimulation is small. Production, maintenance personnel in the long time staring at PCB board work not easy eye fatigue on the eye injury small. There is another reaso.Because eryone  commonly used color is green, so the plant green paint is the most spare.


3、Reduce Cost

Green widely used in manufacturing and purchasing because of its wide range of uses. In addition, in mass production, the same color coating can be used to reduce the cost of production line. So the procurement cost of green paint will be lower than other costs. Therefore, green is the most common corrosion inhibitor, which is advantageous in terms of manufacturing cost and delivery time.


Reduce Inspection and maintenance costs

Green pigments can reduce error and area compared to other colors, thus improving accuracy. Compared to other colors, like black. Because the surface alignment is almost completely covered, which makes it very difficult to repair later, so it is not very convenient to manufacture and use a color, and the black PCB is the most difficult to hole, so the yield is relatively low compared to other color PCB board, so the price of black is relatively more expensive.


Other colours

Common PCB colors are red, yellow, green, blue and black. However, due to the manufacturing process and other problems, many lines of quality inspection procedures still have to rely on the naked eye of workers to see and identify (of course, most of the current use of flying needle test technology) . In the light of the situation constantly staring at the board, this is a very old Liu process ah, relatively green the least hurt the eyes, so the current market most manufacturers are using green PCB.

The principle of blue and black is that they are doped with cobalt and carbon lamp elements, respectively, and have certain electrical conductivity, in the case of electrification is likely to appear short-circuit problems, and green PCB is relatively green, in high-temperature environment, when used, they don't usually release toxic gases.

The market also has a small number of manufacturers will use black PCB board, which is the main reason for small series think there are two reasons: first, looks high-end, and Black Board is not easy to see the wiring, this will bring a certain degree of difficulty to the board.


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