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Which Vehicle Tracker is Best

Which Vehicle Tracker is Best


Car tracker is a positioning device of the monitoring center . That receives THE GPS signal in space through the tracker host. Calculates its geodetic coordinates after analyzing the GPS signal.  Even though  reports its position through GSM/CDMA wireless network.

Constitute-Car tracker 

GPS signal reception

1.SiRF starⅡe:

SiRFstar ⅱ E is the first high-performance GPS chip, released in 2002. The chip's specifications already meet the needs of everyday applications, and it  widely used in non-standing GPS products launched in 2003 and 2004.

2. SiRF starIII:

In 2004, SiRF released the latest third-generation chip SiRFstar iii (GSW 3.8/3.1). Which made the civil GPS chip reached a peak in terms of performance and sensitivity   greatly improved compared. To the previous products. The chip improves its sensitivity by employing 200,000 Correlators. With cold/warm/hot startup times of 42s/38s/8s. But  it can track up to 20 satellite channels simultaneously.


GSM/CDMA transmitting part


The GSM module integrates THE GSM RF chip, baseband processing chip, memory and  power amplifier device .However, so on on a circuit board. It has an independent operating system, GSM RF processing, baseband processing and function module providing standard interface.

Developers use ARM or SCM to communicate with GSM module through RS232 serial port.  And use standard AT commands to control GSM module to achieve various wireless communication functions.  Such as ,sending SMS, making phone calls, GPRS dial-up Internet access, etc. GSM module based product development is often based on ARM platform, using embedded system development. Some GSM modules have an "open built-in platform" feature that allows customers. To embed their own programs into the software platform within the module.


Receiving platform


Network operators (Unicom or mobile) open a service port for you (about 6000-10000). But then set up their own website. The system generally uses B/S (browser/server) structure, no need to build any system.  No need to install any software.  As long as the computer can access the Internet can achieve rapi . And accurate enterprise scheduling management. The WEB management and query system on the Internet also provides GoogleEarth satellite query function. You can view the location of vehicles under your jurisdiction through the satellite map provided by this function. Before using this function, you need to install GoogleEarth client software on your computer



Of the world's smallest car anti-theft dedicated GPS tracker. Which  the car location tracking volume only matchbox size, avoid the car down the line, just pick up car battery positive and negative two wires .   It can locate, reserving for real-time vehicle tracking vehicles in the three months to the route.And can print Chinese address forms for reporting statistics, of vehicle automatic real-time positioning, Time segment timing positioning tracking record car routine, no professional technician installation, fool operation, anyone can  do in 5 minutes. If the target vehicle  stolen, stolen, robbed and other emergency situations.  You can use mobile phones or computers to query the location of the vehicle. And real-time tracking positioning of the vehicle moving route. So that you can easily find the car, successfully catch the gangster.


Installation process


1.Car location tracker is also called car location tracker, the key is the vehicle anti-theft GPS positioning products. Most of the functions of car location tracker include SMS location, timing location, network query, remote monitoring and remote car lock, etc.

2.Confirm that the material in the tracker is complete. Contains the whole machine, battery, certificate and instructions.

3.Remove the small hole on the back of the tracker, tear the Velcro (the small hole of the Velcro must be aligned with the sensitive hole of the tracker), stick the back of the tracker on one side, and stick the location of the selected car on the other side.

4.1) In order to prevent damage by thieves, equipment positioning should be hidden to the maximum extent

2) Prevent it from being placed together with the transmitter, such as wireless reversing radar, anti-theft device, and other vehicle-mounted communication equipment

3) It can be fixed with tie tape or pasted with double-sided adhesive with wide sponge

4) The device has GSM antenna and GPS antenna, and should be installed as far as possible face up (sky).

The best vehicle tracker

Seg is a famous manufacturer of vehicle supplies in China, found  in 1999, the company headquarters  set up in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, has been focusing on the research and development of intelligent electronic products. And with professional manufacturing and research and development technology  recognized by consumers, but also won the title of "Guangdong well-known trademark".

Welcome to come to comment, let's discuss the vehicle tracker together, discover new differences, if you have new ideas, feel free to communicate with me, welcome your comments.









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