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Which material is PCB made of?

Which material is PCB made of?

What materials using to make the PCB in the circuit board factory?Also Different boards have different materials.

1,Introduction of copper clad plate

The main material of printing circuit board  is copper clad board.  And it is reinforcement materials.The surface of the substrate covering with a layer of pure copper foil.And it high conductivity and good weldability. In addition,the thickness is 35 ~ 50/ Ma.The copper foil covering in one side of the substrate is calling single copper clad plate.And both sides of the substrate are covering with copper foil copper clad plate.And that calling double-sided copper clad plate.Whether the copper foil can  firmly cover on the substrate is through adhesive.

2,Common copper clad plate materials

Common copper clad plate materials the thickness of 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 2.0mm three kinds.

Common copper clad plate materials:

Fr1 :phenolic cotton paper.This material is known as electric board.

Fr2 :a phenolic cotton paper.

Fr3 :Cotton paper, epoxy resin.

Woven glass, epoxy resin (Glass fiber sheet used in Shenzhen Scic Circuit).

Fr5:a glass cloth, epoxy resin.

Fr6:Face glass, polyester.

G10: glass cloth, epoxy resin.

Cem1:cotton paper, epoxy resin (flame retardant).

Cem2:cotton paper, epoxy resin (non-flame retardant).

Cem3:glass cloth, epoxy resin.

CEM4:glass cloth, epoxy resin.

CEM5:a glass cloth, polyester.

AIN - aluminum nitride.

SIC - silicon carbide.

3,Types of copper clad plates

According to the insulation materials can divide into paper substrate.And glass cloth base material and synthetic fiberboard are dividing into phenolic, epoxy, polyester and polytetrafluoroethylene. According to the different bonding resin.According to the use can divide into general type and special type.

4,commonly used copper clad plate structure and characteristics

(1) Copper-clad phenolic paper laminate

It is mading of insulating impregnated paper (TFz- -62) or cotton fiber impregnated paper (1TZ- -63) .And that soaking in phenolic resin by hot pressing laminating products. Two surface adhesive paper can attach with a single sheet of non-alkali glass impregnating tape.Also its - surface coating with copper foil.And mainly used as printing circuit boards in radio equipment.

(2) Copper-clad phenolic glass cloth laminate.

It is a laminate product.That mading of non-alkali glass cloth soaking with epoxy phenolic resin and pressing by heat. One or both sides of the product are coating with copper foil.And then, It has the advantages of light weight, good electrical and mechanical properties and convenient processing.Its board face shows flaxen. If make curing agent with 3 cyanogen 2 amine.And criterion board face shows light green.Also it have good diaphaneity.It is mainly using as printed circuit board in radio equipment with high operating temperature and operating frequency.

(3) Copper-clad polytetrafluorozene laminates

Polytetrafluorozene plate as the base plate.And the coating with copper foil by hot pressing of a copper plate.And that is mainly using as printing board in hf and UHF circuits.

(4) Copper-coating epoxy glass cloth laminate is a commonly material for hole metallizing printed circuit boards.

(5) soft polyester coated copper film

It is a strip material made of polyester film and copper hot pressing. In application, it is curling into a spiral shape and placing inside the equipment.It is often poured into one piece with epoxy resin for reinforcement or moisture resistance.Mainly used for flexible printed circuit and printed cable.That can be used as a connector transition line.



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  • Which material is PCB made of?

    What materials using to make the PCB in the circuit board factory?Also Different boards have different materials.

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