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Which car tracker is best

1. Definition of car tracker

We call car location tracker as car location tracker. It is mainly a car anti-theft GPS positioning product. The functions of the car location tracker generally include SMS positioning and timing positioning. Of course, network query, remote monitoring and remote locking of the car are also possible.

2. The smallest tracker

Do you know what the world’s smallest GPS tracking device for car anti-theft is? It is Jinshitong car location tracker. Its size is only the size of a matchbox, no need to dismantle the internal wiring of the car, only need to connect the positive and negative two wires of the car battery to locate. In addition, the three-month driving route of the vehicle can be tracked and kept in real time, and the Chinese address report can be printed.

It can also automatically locate the vehicle in real time, and can locate and track the compliance of the filing vehicle at regular intervals. At the same time, there is no need for professional technicians to install, fool-like operation, and anyone can do it in 5 minutes. If the target vehicle is lost in an emergency situation, you can use a mobile phone or computer to query the location of the vehicle. And real-time tracking and positioning the moving route of the vehicle, allowing you to easily find your car.

3. Its composition

GPS module The GPS module is responsible for receiving GPS satellite signals, positioning and updating location. The function of the mobile communication module is to transmit the positioning data to a specific server on the Internet through the network (GSM/GPRS). In this way, the location of the GPS tracker terminal can be queried on the computer.

4. How it works

The satellite positioning system monitors a point on the earth through multiple satellites. In this way, accurate positioning and speed measurement can be achieved the satellite positioning system is the global positioning system. Simply put, this is a satellite system consisting of 24 satellites covering the world. This system can ensure that 4 satellites can be observed at any point on the earth at any time. It can ensure that the satellite can collect the latitude, longitude and altitude of the observation point. In this way, we can realize functions such as navigation, positioning, and timing . We can use this technology to guide airplanes, ships, vehicles and individuals to safely and accurately follow the selected route and arrive at the destination on time.

5. Common installation locations

1. Front and rear bumpers:

Many GPS positioning companies recommend installing GPS locators in the bumpers. One is because the bumper is concave and convex, which is suitable for installing the locator in the groove; the other is because the wireless GPS locator is in the bumper. It is difficult to see for people, so this position is splendid location and safe enough;

2. Inside the trunk:

The trunk of a car will be very large, and there are many places where it will installed. Some drivers also put a blanket on the trunk. Of course, these blankets are completely enough to block the GPS locator be discovered. In addition, the satellite signal in the trunk is relatively smooth and will not affect the positioning effect. The taillight near the trunk is also a good installation point;

3. In the spare tire:

Many people would not have thought that there is a GPS locator  in the spare tire. So it is still safe enough for now. However, it is important to remind riders that this spare tire is best to a spare tire hung on the rear of the car. But it is not a spare tire in the trunk. Because the iron layer in the middle of the trunk ,spare tire, spare tire iron box is too much. It will have a very big impact on the car locator signal.

In a word, it is very content for people who need its foundations.May be some people why I know so much about this products. The reason is that, I am a manufacture of PCB and PCBA. There is a important thing in this products. It is PCBA. The foundation is that PCBA will control it and reach all of foundation. Meanwhile, the PCBA contain the PCB and components. So all of those need to begin with a PCBA. Therefore, do you also think it is no relationship with the us?

At last I want to introduce us again. We are a manufacture who has the experience more than 18 years. We also have the customers from more than 80 countries. of course, the products I introduced is also a normal projects for us. our company have a very professional team for each important projects. Thanks for all of reading. Do you know more about that? Are you have some difficult for you to make you puzzled? You can connect with us and discuss together.


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