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Volume Gate Control Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)

In 2018 our company made a lot volume gate control board for Chinese client. This is a kind of formal PCB board , it only requests quick delivery time with high level quality. The first batch delivery time only give us 17 days, but usually for this kind of board our delivery time is between 25~30 days. But as this project that fit for us , so we decide to try meet client requests.

Below are this board images.

pcb board assembly for volulme gate

This project pcb features:
Layer: 4 layer
Track width/distance: 0.25mm
Pads: oil filled in via holes
TG value: 180TG
Vias: PTN&NPTH both on the same board
Material: KB
Solder&Silk: green solder mask and white silk screen
Anti-caf: No requests
Panel Size: 230*169mm for one pcs in one panel
X-OUT PCB: Accept
TEST: Electronic Test 100%
Test points: test points on pcb board
Surface finishing: LF-HASL

This project Assembly features:
Components purchasing: all requests original brand components to keep high level quality
Min. Component size: 0201 components more than 50 kinds
Highest component height: 30mm for two replays

high components

Not good for assembly: Y1, TB9,T3,T4 design are out of pcb layout, so we can’t make panel for some pcs pcb together , only one panel includes one pcs.
Equivalent components: Not acceptable
BGA: No on the board
Components process: cut DIP components pin to make sure its height fit for product
CHIPS: There is solder bridge between chip pads
LED Light: no led on this board
Outside components: Yes
Component angel: No

Some problmes during assembly process:

This board silk screen is not full enough, so our engineer print the assembly drawing based on *.pcb file and make assembly software based it, then print it out to fill in the no silk screen place. This problem is not usually happen in the orders ,but sometimes one or two board will has this problem, now we already have way to solve it .
Product function introduction:

This is a rolling gate control panel, which is mainly used to control the rising and falling functions of the rolling shutter. The user controls the opening of the rolling shutter control panel through the wireless remote control key, and the board controls the entire ascending and descending motion.The main controller is the command center of the automatic door. Through the internal command program, it sends corresponding commands to direct the motor or electric lock system to work. At the same time, people can also adjust the door opening speed and opening amplitude through the main controller.

Product market prospects:

This board is a very targeted product and can only be used on volume gate. This is a China usual product. In China now every shop has volume gate , so the necessary quantity is huge , it means this kind of board is widely used in market now.

The following is a detailed drawing of this product. Everybody can see our PCB quality and welding quality through the detailed drawing of the product. For high-quality circuit board products, our company adopts ISO9001 control system. If your product has BGA pads, our company can provide X-ray inspection to ensure BGA welding quality. Welcome contact us for project discussion, professional service is always our proud.

pcb board for volume gate control