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Test board step by step

Project Background

Our company has many designer friends who often design boards that are not commonly used. Because our company has its own workshop to flexibly respond to engineers' changes, even in the production process. The following picture is a test equipment board designed by an engineer. It will not be put into mass production but the product is particularly delicate. The tested product is used as an IOT. This engineer is from Germany, and the project he is currently involved in is related to IOT. He is developing a development board for IOT. The product in the figure below is one of the equipment for testing the final development board.

Products Features

The size of the product is 160*100mm. It is an ordinary 4-layer board. In order to ensure the stability of the product, the surface finish process is gold-immersion. The internal structure of the PCB is a bit special. Between the first layer of circuit layer and the second layer of circuit layer, multiple layers of PP are laminated to meet the impedance requirements. The picture below is the designer's 3D finished picture. Of course, the final product is a bit different from this, such as the empty PCB above. Later it has been changed to components, replacing the special side welding. Improve production efficiency.

Special stencil

As shown in the figure above, you can see that the components of this board are extremely precise, and there are many components packaged as 0201. At the beginning of the quotation, the customer was a little confused about the price of stencil, he said the price was a bit expensive. Please check the following two BGA holes of stencil of different grades. The cost of stencil is only the first consumption, and can be used in future orders. 

However, if the initial selection of ordinary quality stencil will lead to poor welding state. As shown in the figure below: can cause the entire product to be unusable. Will more Higher waste.

Although stencil can be reused, it should be cleaned after production. Here's what we think the clean steel mesh looks like under the microscope. Before and after each production, our company will use special cleaning fluid to clean the steel mesh to ensure that the products are perfect.

The customer's engineer also joked to me, "I usually only know design, but I didn’t expect to learn a lot of production skills from JY recently."

SMT splice tape

A vital component is provided by the customer. But when he sent me a picture, I found that the material was not a complete tray. In this way, STM cannot be used directly on the feeder. The customer is very curious about how we solve it. In fact, there is something called a splicing belt.

Many people are curious about how the supplementary materials make the materials perfectly connected. In this process, we will use the SMT splice belt. (reference picture below) SMT splice tape is a type of adhesive tape used to connect and connect electronic components, thereby reducing the downtime of the placement machine, while saving time and improving the overall cost efficiency.

There are many benefits of using SMT receiving:

1. The production efficiency can be greatly improved. If the machine stops and receives the material, the time it takes each time is about 2 minutes; if the SMT belt is used, this time is saved.

2. Reduce the mechanical loss of the machine feeder, etc .; reduce the frequent stopping and opening of the machine, avoid the frequent triggering and other actions of the feeder, and extend its service life

3. It can greatly avoid the waste of materials: avoid the materials being too short to be discarded on the machine, and all the remaining materials can be used.

But this kind of multi-segment material connection components will more or less affect the efficiency of SMT. Therefore, we recommend to provide a complete reel whenever possible. The client said that JY has experienced all kinds of situations.


This project is more complicated than the sample orders, there are 345 kinds of components on PCB. But our IQC did not find too many problems when checking the materials. It shows that the engineer’s design consideration is very comprehensive, only the directions of the following two components have been confirmed with the customer. 

  1. The negative pole of D4 
  2.  The deriction of SW501 as below.


Adding nitrogen to smt reflow furnace

This product is very precise, so we choose to use nitrogen-added SMT reflow soldering machine. The principle of using nitrogen to improve smt solderability is based on the fact that the surface tension of the solder under nitrogen will be less than that exposed to the atmosphere, so that the fluidity and wettability of the solder will be improved.

Secondly, nitrogen reduces the solubility of the original oxygen in the air and the materials that can contaminate the soldering surface, greatly reducing the oxidation of the solder at high temperatures, especially in improving the quality of the reflow soldering on the second side. Especially the board using OSP and the oxidation is also proceeding rapidly at high temperature. After adding nitrogen, it can be the first When the surface is reflowed, the oxidation degree of the surface treatment of the second surface is greatly reduced, so that it can be extended to the second surface to obtain the best welding effect. The picture below is our SMT production line for nitrogen addition.


Before the New Year came, colleagues in the workshop quickly completed the assembly of samples and sent them to customers. The client was very surprised by our speed and said that this was the best New Year gift we gave him. The sample is 5 sets, if the test passes, there will be an order for 50 sets. Our engineers also admire the customer's engineer for such a complex project design is perfect, there are almost no problems that require repeated confirmation. I believe that our future cooperation will get better and better. 


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