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Smart Bluetooth Anti-lost Device

This is an intelligent security system that can be used in many situations such as children, the aged, things, pets, etc. Occasionally we see news of elderly people being lost, children being abducted, and looking for pets. These things happen every day. Now everyone can't live without their phones. When looking down for a moment, they look up and find that the child is missing. So began to go crazy around the world looking for children, but the results are often not optimistic.

This product relies on the bluetooth connection of the mobile phone. When the child exceeds a certain range, the mobile phone will alarm. Stay alert and see what’s happening even when you’re playing on your phone. Many small things in life also need our attention. For example, the key is missing. There is a small hole in our product shell, which can be used to lock the key ring, and the product and the key are always tied together. When the key is lost, you can also look at the phone to find the key. Other small objects are also applicable.

We have made a lot of similar products and have rich experience. Such as locating products, tracking products, alarms...Before engaging in product development, we have been engaged in PCB / PCBA field production for nearly 12 years, so we are very experienced in source material procurement, production and quality control. Our products focus on quality first, then price and delivery, and after-sales service. We have a mature technical team that is proficient in testing, testing procedures and other operations. Block all defective products at the beginning, and promise to repair them for free.

All management of the company is based on ERP data management and IT management. All the customer's information and post-production summary will be updated in time to enter the system, test files, and videos will be uploaded to the ERP. This way no matter who makes the production, there will be no data errors. And we have TS and ISO certifications. For some high-precision products or according to customer needs, we will make PPAP documents and make detailed control plans. IQC and OQC inspection before and after production, which can better guarantee the quality of the product.

Below we specifically introduce the parameters of this anti-lost device. We made some design suggestions for customers for this product. The customers are very grateful and happy for their support in design. For the outer shell, we have added a waterproof rubber ring, which can better guarantee the protection under different use cases. Shell mold development is also within our scope of work. PCB production, component procurement, chip test procedures, component assembly work, do assembly finished products. This PCB board material is FR4, 0.6mm board thickness, ENIG surface finishing, green solder mask, white silk print. 2-layer board. The PCB is very small, only 20*20mm.It is very easy to carry around and has good concealment.

Since the product mainly uses a Bluetooth module, the transmission distance of Bluetooth is very important. We not only used an antenna element, but also made a very small, thin, narrow antenna plate inside the case to help transmit signals and increase the transmission range. We made gerber panel way of the main board and antenna board, which saves the cost of the board and also saves the cost for customers. This is an idea put forward by us and has been highly praised by customers. The customer thanks us for the suggestions given by our design team. The added antenna board is only a layer of circuit board, which does not increase a lot of cost, but can improve a lot of performance.

The signal transmission distance has been increased, and the appearance of the product has been modified too. Taking into account the wear of the elderly, children, pets, the shape should be more soft, hidden and beautiful.

We designed a soft rubber case, beautiful colors, and some cute stickers. In order to be able to export to Japan, we will design local cherry blossoms and traditional cultural patterns. Exporting to Australia, we have a koala sticker design, that is, a product logo, which also increases the beauty and fun of the product. We can provide customized services, OEM, ODM.

This product contains packaging, instructions and more. Is a very mature product. The customer put the product into the Italian market and cooperated with us to develop and produce this product. We have become an agent for customers in the China market.

From three aspects, the prospects are good:

  • Market acceptance, need;
  • At present, there are few suppliers on the market and many demand sides;
  • The amount of such products currently on the market is still small;

From these three points, there is still a lot of room for market saturation, and the outlook is optimistic. We always say that we should take precautions beforehand. All parents, family members, and people with pets are very large, and the market is affected by many. The future of this product is very good.


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