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School Bus Tracking PCB

School Bus Tracking PCB

The problem of hidden dangers of school bus safety has existed for a long time, and it has been related to the safety of students' lives and the peace and happiness of hundreds of millions of families and social stability. The frequent occurrence of "school bus" accidents reflects the embarrassment that the school bus, a basic education facility, is still in a blank state in China. Therefore, our JY company engineers decided to work together on a school bus tracking PCB product.


 What is the basic principle of this design?

Engineers used infrared sensors, pressure sensors, alarm circuits, locking circuits, single-chip systems, and GPS positioning alarm systems to design an overload limit detection system. The design is based on the statistics of the number of people getting on and off the bus and the weight to understand the school bus. The number and weight of passengers carried. Then judge whether the school bus is overloaded in the single-chip microcomputer. Once the personnel in the vehicle have an overload, the system will generate an alarm signal and send a signal to the locking unit to stop the engine operation. At the same time, the GPS positioning system will also send information to the traffic department to prevent the school bus. Overloading on the road greatly guarantees the safety of the students.

 The focus of this product is the GPS positioning monitoring system, which has the following 5 highlights.

Location tracking:

After the user selects the vehicle's real-time location information and driving data information monitoring center, they can even see a detailed map of the country to the town, so that they can more clearly understand the location of the school bus.


Historical track playback:


Regarding the track points that the vehicle has driven, the user can also replay it on the electronic map of the monitoring client. In this way, the entire process of driving the vehicle can be reproduced.


Speeding alarm:


The user can set the upper limit of the driving speed in advance. When the actual driving speed of the vehicle exceeds the specified speed limit during the driving process, there will be an overspeed alarm prompt on the management platform

Image monitoring:


This design can support more than two cameras, and can take pictures of the conditions in the car. And it can be transmitted to the platform through GPS data to find out the specific situation in each school bus, and relevant departments can use this function to know the overload situation in the car.


Black box:


The design can record speed data because of the real-time clock. When there is no GPS signal, the real-time clock of the machine is used, and the real-time clock is compared with GPS for 20 minutes. There are almost no errors. Once the car collides, record all driving data 20 seconds before parking. The driving record includes recording the driver code, vehicle number, real-time clock, mileage within 360 hours, vehicle feature system (need to be set, different vehicles are different), driving speed record within 360 hours, accident suspect data, cumulative mileage, Data such as the speed in the last two days, the record of the same driver for more than three consecutive hours in two consecutive days, and so on.


Finally, I sincerely hope that this design of our JY company can contribute to the safety of school buses.


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