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Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) Of Gateway

We have a regular customer in Europe has been working together for many years. Their company is the main Internet design services company in their country.

They have a strong design ability to provide customers with technical and intelligent technical support. Not long time ago we produced a kind of PCBA for them. This is for the computer gateway product. It is used to connect network interfaces and transmit signals.

pcb assembly for gateway

This is FR-4 four layers circuit board. The size of the PCB board is larger, around 150 mm long and 200 mm wide, green solder mask and white silk prints. There is a BGA on the board. So we have higher requirements when we produce the printed circuit boards. We didn't use any of the interrupt circuit board, there's also no panel board, and we added 7mm plate edges on the longest edge of each side. Then the asymmetrical mark point was made, and the point was used to mount the components.

In essence there is a big chip, their discipline is very close, it requires that the solder paste we use is very precise, and the solder paste should be frozen in the refrigerator to maintain a certain temperature. Once this is opened to the west, it can no longer be used. Most of the components are imported from original. One of the switches was customized from the original factory. There is also a slot for the SD card on the PCB board, it is used for putting and burning programs.

On the front of the board, there is also a mesh for the wire, a USB Jack, use on a computer. The four white led lights are used to display signals. LED lampshade appearance is white, but the inside of the lamp beads have a variety of colors, to display different signals in different states.

There is a big module on the circuit board, this module is produced by a company specializing in communications. We need to weld the module to the plate and fix it with screws at both ends, a washer of 0.2 mm plate thickness is required under the screw fastener. The PCB board is mounted on one side and there is no component on the other side.

When we complete the paste, we need to test the function and handle with the test data for customer. First is to put the circuit board on the base, connect all the hardware, include plug in a good wire to connect the raspberry pie to the keyboard connection screen, then two antennas are installed to receive the signal. Then enter the specified instruction on the keyboard and press enter, at this point, the led light will appear blue. Then click the enter key on the keyboard, the program continues, the four led lights will shine in white, yellow and green. Then the mini screen will show the pass uniform. Eventually, all led lights will be fixed in white.The screen will show the words of success of the circuit board test. Then we need to turn off the power, and replace the test circuit board with another one. To repeat the above steps and test the next circuit board.

pcb assembly test for gateway

In the course of our testing, when we connect all the devices, the failure is always displayed on the screen. After our engineer checking and replacing the module and change the net wire again. By moving the direction of the square antenna, the part of a base that contacts the circuit board, adjust the wire to restore the test results to normal, then finish testing.

We need to put the tested PCBA products in a custom shell, the size of the shell is the same as the circuit board, there are four bare leaks on the housing, and four led lights on the circuit board. Because the shell is white, it is very easy to get dirty, and it needs to be careful to avoid scratches. Our operators work all the time wearing gloves,and cleaned before packing. In the end, our customers are very satisfied with our products.

The gateway electronic products are very popular now, because in people's daily life, it has been inseparable from the computer. The gateway is the most important part of the connection device. It not only has the function of a router, and also be converted between different protocols and levels, thus, interconnect between different networks.This is a sunrise product, their market will be better and better.