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Precise Apparatus and Instrument with PCB

JY received enquiries from US customers at the end of 2019. Customer demand PCB which is high TG and high quality and use for high-end instruments for industrial control. We provide customers with three different types of plates and make samples according to their requirements. Finally met customer needs.

Product Description

Customer is a company in the United States, mainly do industrial control with high-grade instruments and meters, so in the selection of panels, the need for high quality materials.

Purpose of PCB material is providing excellent quality product to meet height, of the PCB design requirement, reduced crosstalk, improved signal integrity, improved power dissipation and more. Number of PCB layers is usually due to power distribution, signal routing density.

The Feature of Base Materials

Different materials provide different characteristics. Typical application on electronic instrument is within 1GHz in today's products. There are various vendors and various materials which can offer excellent signal characteristics in terms of impedance control as well as insertion loss. Impedance control is vital to memory and I/O interface whereas the insertion loss attributes to signal integrity of the design.

The feature of Rogers RO4000

Rogers RO4000 Series high frequency Circuit materials are glass reinforced hydrocarbon/ceramic laminates (Not PTFE) designed for performance sensitive, high volume commercial applications.

RO4000 laminates are designed to offer superior high frequency performance and low cost circuit fabrication, the result is a low loss material which can be fabricated using standard epoxy/glass(FR4) processes offered at competitive prices.

The feature of FR4 S1000-2

The feature of FR4 S1000-2 is Lead-free compatible FR-4 laminate,TG 170℃(DSC),UV Blocking/AOI compatible, High heat resistance, Excellent through-hole reliability, Excellent anti-VAF performance. Low water absorption. And the applications are Suitable for high aspect ratio and high-layer PCB. Widely used in computer, communication equipment, precise apparatus and instrument, router, and etc.


  1. Specification sheet: IPC-4101/126, is for your reference only.
  2. All the typical value is based on the 1.6mm specimen, while the TG is for specimen ≥0.50mm.
  3. All the typical value listed above is for your reference only. Please turn to Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd for detailed information, and all rights from this data sheet and reserved by Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd.
  4. Explanations: C= Humidity conditioning   D=Immersion conditioning is distilled water E=Temperature conditioning.

The figures following the letter symbols indicate with the first digit the duration of the preconditioning in hours, with the second digit the preconditioning temperature in C and with the third digit the relative humidity.

The feature of FR4 IT150-S

The IT150 is an advanced low CTE, high TG multifunctional epoxy laminate. This material is designed for not only in standard multilayer PWB, but also for high electrical performance, leas-free applications. The key features are advanced high Tg resin technology, Ultra low DK and Low Df, excellent signal integrity, Lead-free assembly compatible and friendly processing and CAF resistance.

Particularity of the material

All three materials have different characteristics

Rogers RO4000

RO4000 material possesses the properties needed by designers of RF Microwave circuits. Stable electrical properties over environmental condition sallow for repeatable design of filters, matching networks and controlled impedance transmission lines. Low dielectric less allows RO4000 series material to be used in many applications where higher operating frequencies limit the use of conventional circuit board laminates.

FR4 S1000-2

Like the picture show: S1000-2 and standard high Tg, inner copper 4oz, Solder dip 288c,10s,3x, S1000-2 is better than standard high Tg

Like the picture show: S1000-2 and standard high Tg, LD reflow 3x, S1000-2 is better than standard high Tg

Like the picture show: S1000-2 multi-layer board, Q1000(-45c~130c), Pass 1000 cycles.

Like the picture show:  S1000-2 and standard high Tg, Solder dip 288c,10s,3x, S1000-2 is better than standard high Tg

FR4 IT150

These pictures can fully explain the special characteristics of this board

Test Method

As developer and circuit design engineer; the best test method for PCB is real-time PCB application signal test and measurements, measuring signal losses, cross-talk, power trace impedance.

Using electronic test and measurement tools such as power supply, function generator, spectrum analyzer and network analyzer, one can determine quality of PCB work.

Customer affirmation

The most important cooperation key with any PCB vendor is quality of their product followed by delivery schedule and cost. The quality would be the primary concern as lots of work will go into design and development of any product. Ensuring quality of product would be key success factor for any design.                                                            

After the customer received the plates, they gave us a high quality evaluation.

"Hi Frances, received the board, in process of assembly now. I will also test he board this Friday. The stack up is good, it has been verified by Rogers, Hi Frances - The test for the ZX132x was good. Thank you. Let’s chat on Friday on the high speed Roger Material board."


Why do you continue to cooperate with us?

Per previous PCB design cycle, identified the improved product quality in comparison to other PCB fab companies. Additionally – Your company’s skilled engineering team were able to identify PCB issues prior to PCB build, saving cost and improving PCB design quality.

Friendly sales team – managing PCB work from start of any project to delivery is vital important.  It has been pleasure to work with Ms. Frances on several projects and looking forward to work on upcoming project with your company’s team.



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