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Plant Monitor For PCB Circuit Board

Product background

This product belongs to a research institute in Germany, and his products are used to monitor plant growth trajectories. Using intelligent equipment to detect and record the growth status of plants, according to the accumulation of data can predict the growth of plants. At the same time, it can also detect and prevent the plant from being affected by the slight changes of the plant. Through the monitoring of intelligent products, customers can find out the rules of plant growth and the uniqueness of nature. This product is currently in the research and development stage, and the product is not in use.

Feature of product

This product is an ordinary 2 layer PCB, because it is a two-layer board, simply look at the appearance of the product to see the direction of the circuit. The surface is green oil white silk print, lead-free surface finish process. The TG value of the product is required to be 140℃, and the copper thickness is 1OZ The panel way customer is not specified, because the final products is required to be shipped in single piece. The X-mark is also specified within a 10% acceptable range. There is a large PTH on each of the four corners of the PCB, and there is tin plating around the hole. The customer said that these four holes are used to fix to the shell equipment. The only characteristic is that the blank area of this product is printed with the customer's unique silk screen, which makes it obvious that they belong to the logo of their research institute. Please refer to the picture of the finished product as follows.

Manufacturing process

In the preparation stage, our IQC found two problems:

1. Green oil bridge

Green oil bridge is the green oil between SMD and SMD components, mainly to prevent short circuit. It is for the "isolation belt". The following figure is an incomplete network monitoring product of a resistance welding bridge discovered by IQC. 

For the sake of safety, IQC will confirm with the engineer every time similar problems are found with the customer's original draft, whether the design is green oil bridge or window opening. Resistance welding window is for some special requirements, such as positive plate heat, good contact with the shell and so on measures taken. 

Every process of our company ensures the perfect delivery of products. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

2. The direction of connector

During the IQC verification process, we found that the direction of a Phoenix connector is different from the conventional requirements, as shown in the following screen printing drawing. (“CAN” connector)The position of the red box indicates that the back of the connector is facing the product panel edge, so prove that the interface is facing the product interior.

If soldering with reference to screen printing, the wire interface needs to be connected inward. But this is not in line with the convention. If the interface faces the inside of the product, it will interfere with other connectors on the product during the later test. So we double-checked with the customer about the direction of the "CAN" connector welding. The following figure is a physical picture of the "CAN" connector.

When we did not get a response from the customer, we guessed that maybe the interface was facing inwards so as not to interfere with the housing when it was finally assembled. But the interface of the patch connector on the side is indeed facing outward. The whole design is still a bit contradictory.

Because the person who connected with us in Germany is not a designer, it may not be so clear. Finally, it proves that the customer has designed the wrong route, but the design of the customer's product is through another company, so if the change needs to communicate with the design company, the change. The customer sought our help, and finally our engineers helped the customer fine-tune the product line and immediately re-produce the PCB to ensure the customer's research and development progress. The following figure shows the welding direction of the phoenix connector after the change.

Subsequent communication

After finishing the welding and shipping soon, the customer sent the following email before receiving the product. The customer expressed his satisfaction with our service and began to communicate the details of the next product.Such as changing the voltage and so on.

The latest development: the customer has completed the test and put it into use. But the development phase wanted to collect all kinds of data so they wanted us to help produce similar products and improve their database. The customer said that he would cooperate with us for a long time. He said that JY not only provides comprehensive testing such as IQC and QA, but also provides final guarantee for their on-road design. And the company can offer designs or changes that allow them to conduct research and development projects more efficiently. Thank you very much for your recognition. JY will be waiting for you here all the time.


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