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PCBA Product Introduction

The customer is mainly committed to the development and production of intelligent communication robots. We believe communication robots will replace smart phones as the most popular form of user interface in the near future. Now that we live in a more “connected” society, it is becoming easier to make robots talk to various sensors and computers in our living spaces to understand user behaviors and support the users. We believe this will transform the ways people live. We will no longer need to manipulate our smart phones with our fingers to instruct machines to do something.

Robots will automatically know what tasks to perform and get them done. Robots will become such an integral part of our life that we may not even think about what they are doing.

The PCBA is a therapeutic robot in the form of a cushion with a tail. When caressed, it waves gently. When rubbed, it swings playfully. And it occasionally wags just to say hello. It's comforting communication that warms your heart the way animals do. Begin your "tail therapy" today and wrap yourself with fuzzy love.

The PCB information

The PCB of the solder mask oil is white, silk screen is black, the appearance looks very clean and bright. The way of panel is 6 pieces, which makes full use of the production space of the substrate.

However, in the actual production, it was found that position number U1 collided with adjacent board D1, and J1 and J2 were built on adjacent board, so it was necessary to break the board for welding, which wasted working hours and affected the welding efficiency. The leg length of U1 will exceed the edge of the plate by 3mm, and will touch D1 in the assembly welding. The leg length of J1 and J2 will exceed the edge of the plate by 6mm, so it can only be broken before welding. Generally, there are two solutions to this problem. One is to add the edge between two single board, which will not affect U1 or J1. Another way is to replace the panel, which is 5 boards connected horizontally. After technical communication, we finally think that the next order will adopt the way of 5 pieces of horizontal board, which will greatly improve the production efficiency.

There are some yellow marks on this board. This is the flux, it is not obvious on the board where the solder mask oil is green. Because this board is white, so it is obvious to see. But this is a normal phenomenon. Before packing, we wash the boards to make sure every place on the boards is clean.

Procedures and tests

The test program places the PCBA on the test fixture, and then scans the unique QR (quick response) code on the PCBA. A probe on the fixture will contact the PCBA. The PCBA needs to be in contact with the probe for about 10 seconds until the ELD1 lamp is turned off, which means the program has been successfully copied into the PCBA.

The test also requires scanning the unique QR code on the PCBA. Then wave the U1 switch to see if the light is glowing normally. Then put the switch to the side that makes LED1 bright, and insert the connecting device. This will make LED2 bright. Then the two motors will rotate in the positive direction and the opposite direction once, a total of 4 times. LED3, LED4, LED5 and LED6 will light up each of the four lights in turn. If there is no problem, D1 will glow and the test will be successful. The results of each test are displayed in the program under test.

After the successful test, acrylic must be attached to PCBA, which is the customer's design.

Acrylic introduction

Acrylic, also known as PMMA or polymethyl methacrylate, is an important plastic polymer material. It has many advantages.

1. It has the crystal-like transparency, the transmittance is above 92%, the light is soft, the vision is clear, with the dye coloring acrylic has the very good display color effect.

2. The acrylic board has excellent weather resistance, high surface hardness and surface gloss, as well as good high temperature performance.

3. The acrylic board has good processing performance, can be used both thermal molding, can also be used in the way of mechanical processing.

4. The transparent acrylic board material can be compared with the glass transmittance, but the density is only half of the glass. Besides, it is not as fragile as glass, and when it is broken, it does not form sharp fragments like glass.

5. The wear resistance of this acrylic board is close to that of aluminum, with good stability and resistance to corrosion of various chemicals.

6. The acrylic board has good printing and spraying, the use of appropriate printing and spraying process, can give acrylic products the ideal surface decoration effect.

7. Fire resistance: not spontaneous combustion but belong to flammable goods, do not have self-extinguishing.

The customer is very satisfied with the quality of our products. This product has been ordered many times. The customers have always been our loyal customers. The customer expressed his appreciation for our service and his willingness to cooperate with us. At present, there are many new projects in the communication, and our price is also very acceptable. Believe there will be more opportunities for cooperation.


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