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Level gauge

The product below is a static pressure level gauge:

The client is a Russian design company, mainly designing and developing PCBA products related to industry.

Working principle

The magnetostrictive liquid level gauge generates an initial pulse from the electronic circuit in the electronic warehouse. When this initial pulse is transmitted in the waveguide wire, it also generates a rotating magnetic field that advances in the direction of the waveguide wire. When this magnetic field is connected to the magnetic ring or float when the permanent magnetic field in the system encounters, a magnetostrictive effect is generated, which causes the waveguide wire to twist. This twist is sensed by the energy-collecting mechanism installed in the electronic warehouse and converted into a corresponding current pulse. The electronic circuit calculates the two the time difference between two pulses can accurately measure the measured displacement and liquid level.


It has the advantages of high precision, good stability, high reliability, diverse output signals, long service life, safety and reliability.

Application range

Magnetostrictive liquid level gauges are widely used in industrial process control, petroleum processing, pharmaceuticals, food processing, water treatment, gas stations, grinding machinery, valve opening control and other physical parameters such as liquid level, temperature, density, interface conditions, etc. Monitoring, alarm and control.

PCBA’s features

This product is a simple two-layer board, the surface finish process is lead-free HASK, green solder resist oil. TG is 140, in order to facilitate the production, our company made 1*3=3 for the panel. This not only facilitates over-reflow soldering, but also facilitates worker plug-ins. It will increase efficiency during mass production.

Feature 1: If you look closely at the product, you will find there is no silk screen on this PCB. In order to protect the customer's design, the customer requires that no silk screen layer is printed on the finished PCB. But for the convenience of IQC, SMT draw is provided (as picture below)

Feature 2: The PCBA has a buzzer that needs to be raised and has a height requirement.

Feature 3: When we inspected the gerber, we found that there are many copper chips in one layer of the circuit. The main reason is that in order to prevent board warping, customers added more copper coverage area. As shown below. There is actually another reason. Please check the previous completion diagram, there are relatively large components at both ends of the product. In this way, the large area of the copper layer will also increase the support of the PCB, so that the final product will not be distorted by PCBA after years of use because of the excessively large components.

EQ before production

1. The height and color of the switch

The switch customer only told that the part number is "TS034A", but there are patch parts and plug-ins under this model. Of course, we can infer that this is a patch from gerber data. However, there are many sizes, switch heights and colors under this model. Because our company does not know the size of the final product, we can only confirm with the customer.

2. The same thing happened to the VD6 component. As shown in the figure below, the customer's initial bom is a plug-in, but the picture reference provided is indeed a patch. The model has been updated after confirmation. The customer's engineer said that their design has been changed many times, so there are many defects in the bom. I admire the engineers of our company very much, and confirm all the non-conformities before production. This saves a lot of time, because he has encountered problems before the product has been produced. And our company can combine Gerber and the completion map to compare the unreasonable design in the bom. The client thinks it is amazing, but in fact this is only part of our usual work. Of course I am very happy to win his trust.

3. The height of HA1 buzzer, the legs are not long enough-do not exceed VD1

Finally, when we received the component of buzzer, our company found that the return of this component was not long enough. There is a difference from the customer's required height of 4mm. After the meeting and discussion, we decided that if we want to meet the requirements, we must extend the legs on the pin of the honey. But such words are not conducive to mass production in the future. Therefore, confirm with the customer whether the design can be changed. After confirmation, the customer said that because the height of HA1 is higher than the buzzer, there is no need to extend the length of the buzzer pin when welding, as long as it is not higher than HA1, it can meet the installation of the casing. The customer highly praised our approach of "confirming with answers".

Before PCB production, the customer asked if we can do solder able test. Of course we can. Solder ability testing is generally used to make a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the solder ability of components, printed circuit boards, solder and flux. In the assembly welding process of electronic products, the welding quality directly affects the quality of the whole machine. Therefore, in order to improve the welding quality, in addition to strictly controlling the process parameters, it is also necessary to conduct scientific solder ability tests on printed circuit boards and electronic components. The following picture is what it looks like after the test.

Through the implementation of solder ability testing, it helps enterprises to determine the quality of solder ability after production and assembly and the quality of products. In practice, micro-spectrum technology has further enriched the solder ability test techniques for printed circuit boards and other components, clarified the internal factors that affect solder ability, and improved product quality and zero defects for technical engineers in the manufacturing industry. The welding process has given great help.

The customer made some fine-tuning after testing and we are now producing the second batch of orders. The customer said that he was very grateful to meet such a responsible supplier. In fact, we are very grateful to him for choosing to trust us. Although we are a cooperative relationship, we are fighting side by side, for a more perfect product.


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