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How pcb is made

How pcb is made

Today we are going to talk about the process of making PCB

1, PCB layout

(1) The first step of PCB production is to sort out and check the Layout of PCB.

(2) PCB factory conversion to a unified format -- Extended Gerber RS-274X or Gerber X2.The engineer checks whether the PCB layout conforms to the manufacturing process and whether there are any defects.

(3) PCB layout prints on the film.In the case of multi-layer PCB.the layout film prints on each layer is arranging in sequence.

(4) punch a hole in the film.The spot holes are very important.and use to align each layer of the PCB material.

 2,Core board production

(1) cleaning the copper clad plate.if there is dust, may lead to the final circuit short circuit or circuit break.

(2) the core plate and copper film.with a semi-cured sheet bonded together.

 3,Transfer of inner plate

1) Make the middle core board.After cleaning the copper clad plate, a photosensitive film covere on the surface.

(2) Layout the film and double layer copper-clad plate. insert the upper layer of PCB layout film.to ensure that the upper and lower layers of PCB layout film laminate accurately

(3) wash off the uncured photosensitive film with lye.and the require copper foil circuit will cover by the cured photosensitive film.

(4) Use strong base, such as NaOH. To etch away needless copper foil.

(5) tear off the cured photosensitive film to expose the require PCB layout line copper foil.


4,Drilling and inspection of core plate

(1) The core board has been successfully product.Then make a matching hole in the core board to facilitate alignment with other raw materials.

(2) Once the core board press together with other layers of PCB.it cannot modify. so it is very important to check.The machine will automatically compare the PCB layout drawings to check for errors.

The first two layers of PCB board is complete.


5, laminated

(1) The lower copper foil and two layers of semi-cured sheet fix in a good position. Through the hole and the lower iron plate. The core plate is put into the hole. And the semi-cured sheet.Copper foil and pressure aluminum plate cover to the core plate in turn.

(2) Upper iron plate attract by the magnetic force. And the lower iron plate for counterposition.After placing the matching pin. The two layers of iron plates are successfully matched. The machine compresses the space between the iron plates. Then fixes them with nails.

(3) PCB boards clamp by the iron plate placing on the bracket.Then send into the vacuum hot press for lamination.The heat of the vacuum hot press melts the epoxy resin in the semi-cured sheet. And holds the core plates to the copper foil under pressure.

6, Drilling

(1) Put a layer of aluminum plate on the punching machine tool. Then put the PCB on it.Finally the top PCB cover with a layer of aluminum. The upper and lower layers of aluminum use drill in and out of the PCB.

(2) Choose the correct drilling program. And rest is automatically complete by the drilling machine.

(3) In the previous lamination process.And melting epoxy resin extrude to the outside of the PCB. 


7,Copper chemical precipitation in pore wall

A layer of conductive material is deposited on the hole wall.Then it is chemically deposited on the entire PCB surface.The whole process is controlled by a machine.

(1) Fixed PCB

(2) Cleaning PCB

(3) Delivery of PCB

(4) chemical precipitation of copper film


8,Outer PCB layout transfer

Next, transfer the outer PCB layout to the copper foil.

(1) Put the PCB clean with copper foil on both sides into the film pressing machine. And the film pressing machine presses the photosensitive molds onto the copper foil.

(2) Fix the upper and lower photocopy PCB layout film. And put the PCB board in the middle.The photosensitive film under the translucent film is cured by UV lamp irradiation.

(3) after cleaning off the unnecessary and uncured photosensitive film.check it.

Clamp the PCB and electroplate the copper onto it.To ensure good electrical conductivity.the copper film on the hole wall must be 25 microns thick. 


9,Computer controlled with copper plating

(1) After the copper film plating is complete, the computer will arrange to re-electroplate a thin layer of tin.

(2) Check the tin-plate PCB after unloading to ensure the correct thickness of copper and tin plating.

Etch the outer PCB

(1) by complete automatic assembly line to complete the etching process.The cured photosensitive film  clean off.

(2) clean the unnecessary copper foil cover by it with strong alkali.

(3) remove the tin coating on the copper foil of PCB layout. With tin removal solution.After cleaning. the 4-layer PCB layout is complete.




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