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High power supply

Customer introduction

The company was founded in 2013, Its business scope includes anticorrosive equipment, computer software technology development, technology consulting, technology transfer, technology services, and ocean engineering design services; manufacturing of industrial automatic control system equipment; hot dip galvanizing, electrostatic spraying; ship riveting welding, rust removal, painting and cleaning, anti-corrosion insulation engineering professional contract; sales of labor protection articles; import and export of goods, import and export of technology, domestic general trade, instrumentation equipment lease. The PCBA is used in Marine engineering projects. The specific product is a high-power power supply.

Product introduction

In the early stage, the customer placed orders for six types of materials, so all materials are mixed together, which caused great difficulties for the staff, each project can have hundreds of materials, which makes it difficult to check the quantity of materials.

The PCB is 4 layers, 370*229mm in size, and 3OZ in both inner and outer copper thickness. Due to the PCB carrying large current, copper thickness, metal device surface area is large, so there are the following requirements:

1. The 6 components are sot-227 package and post-assembly materials, which require the welding pads to be strictly flat and cannot be glued to tin. The top and bottom of the pad and the non-metallic holes on both sides should be protected with high temperature adhesive paper with two layers of protection. In addition, the upper left and right metallized ground locating hole can’t stick tin.

2. Solder plug holes are required for all 1.2mm and 1.0mm window holes. All 1.2mm,1.0mm vias not covered, require solder plug hole, especially  Q50、Q51、Q53、Q54、D79 and D80, pay attention to the high temperature adhesive paper, can’t be covered around the hole.

3. The 12 resistors of R3, R4, R7, R8, R149, R155, R158, R164, R237, R239, R240 and R241 need to be pre-processed, and the standard is: the lowest part of the resistance should be kept more than 3mm from the PCB. Since we don't have tools for making K foot, we suggested with the customer whether the resistance height could be guaranteed, but not in the form of K foot. Considering that we did guarantee the height of K foot in the sample, the customer accepted our proposal.

4.100% tin penetration of all THT through-hole pads is required; Main power material to ensure; And ensure that the material is close to the PCB, no visible floating height, tilt, etc.

5. R309 shunt, the middle is the detection end, please be careful not to weld with the left and right main circuit.

As there are many welding requirements, we confirm the first plate very carefully and try our best to meet the customer's requirements.

The customer needs to make two test boards first. In the first production, we only finished one board a day, which can be imagined how difficult it is. The workshop spent a lot of time in the early stage of processing, including cutting the legs, sticking adhesive paper, covering the place where wave soldering is not allowed, etc. The working efficiency was really low, so the customer suggested to choose wave soldering. However, the base plate had no edge, and we bought the loading board.

Customer testimonials

And the customer is an engineering designer and has no chance to participate in the actual production, we suggest the customer come to the factory to visit the mounting process of the board. There may be some differences between the design in the software and the actual operation. For example, the board molding method, usually PCB are V-cut, only when the special or circular plate is possible to use stamp holes, and the number of stamp holes and aperture of different boards will be different, too many holes will cause very laborious plate. Therefore, we carefully explain to the customer the details of each step of the mounting process.

The PCBA is very heavy. The customer originally planned to choose express delivery. However, after evaluation of the PCBA, we suggest the customer pick it up by himself. The welding requirements of our clients are very much, process is more precise. At the beginning, there were a lot of problems, including plate tin difficulty, installation direction of components and K feet, etc. The demands on workers were also high. No matter what difficulties we encounter, we are still overcoming them. The customer is very satisfied with the products after receiving the goods, which is worth our efforts.

Our company has the ERP system, which can perfectly keep all the information of customers and record and solve all kinds of problems. These processes are all designed to prevent the same problem from happening again. Customers are not only satisfied with the quality of our products, but also express their gratitude to our service attitude. They also express their willingness to cooperate with us and their approval of our price. We believe that there will be more cooperation opportunities in the future.


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