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High-Frequency PCB for 5G Field of Communication Technology

  It is estimated that 5G will bring over 60 billion incremental opportunities to PCB. Research report of casting securities pointed out that the evolution of communication technology brought by 5G will eventually be reflected in the replacement and reconstruction of communication facilities, and thus will inevitably bring growth opportunities for the related electronic components industry.
  Printed Circuit Board, namely Printed Circuit Board, is called "mother of electronic products". PCB Board should be equipped for all electronic equipment or products so that the downstream demand can be sustained and stable. The development level of the industry can reflect the development speed and technical level of the electronic information industry in a country or region to a certain extent.5G construction will undoubtedly become an important driving force for PCB industry growth in the next 2-3 years.

Look at the PCB industry chain alone, it is in the middle of the overall industry chain.
  It's upstream for the production of various types of PCB raw materials, mainly including copper clad plate, copper foil, copper ball, semi-cured sheet, gold salt, ink, dry film, and other chemical materials, the flexible circuit board of the main raw materials also include coating film, electromagnetic film.
  It is mainly used in the fields of computer, communication equipment, industrial control, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, and aerospace, covering a wide range. Among them, communication, computer, and consumer electronics are the three most important application terminals in the PCB industry, accounting for 27%, 27% and 14%, respectively, which directly affect the development of the upstream PCB industry.
In total, the first 5 g of replacement tide impetus PCB blowout shipment requirements, the ministry is expected to 5 g phones will begin in the second half of 2019, considering that has to be compatible with 4 g and 5 g phone early difficulty is greater than 4 g phone, so expect domestic mobile phone shipments are expected to reach 574 million units in 2022, 5 g handset shipments of 144 million units.
  In addition, due to the 5G to take advantage of high-frequency signal transmission, the number of base stations will increase dramatically. There are two ways to add base stations: Acer and small base stations. According to the "white paper on China's 5G industry and application development in 2018" released by a said consultant, it is expected that the increment of 5G macro stations will reach 3.6-5 million, and the number of small base stations will reach 7.2-10 million. The total number of base stations will be 3.3-4.6 times that of 4G base stations, laying a solid foundation for mass growth.
  From the perspective of unit consumption, in the era of 5G, Massive MIMO's large-scale application resulted in the increase of antennas due to the demand of information explosion and high transmission rate, which will generate greater demand for PCB board and open wider growth space with the increase of PCB board area.
  Due to the high frequency band of 5G forced the high frequency of PCB board, the current base station antenna mainstream solution is to use hydrocarbon PCB board, whose price is about 3,000-6000 yuan/square meter, the price of ordinary PCB is about 1,900 yuan/square meter, unit value increased by 1.5-3 times, the value of the single board significantly increased.
In addition, starting from commercial use in 2020, the number of 5G connections in China will reach 428 million by 2025, and the five-year compound growth rate will reach 155.61%.The data demand blowout forces the communication equipment to improve the data processing capacity, and the corresponding PCB board is expected to develop towards multi-layer, and the price will also increase accordingly.
  Changes in base station construction brought about by technological innovation in the 5G era will create a new incremental market for electronic products, and PCB, as the carrier of components, will benefit deeply.It is conservatively estimated that 5G will create 61.8 billion incremental space for PCB in five years, and China's PCB industry is expected to embrace massive growth opportunities.

Double layout PCB industry continues to grow
  High frequency PCB is a segment with rigid demand opportunities in the era of 5G. There are few researchers and developers of high frequency materials in China. However, shengyi technology gradually starts to have production capacity due to its acquisition of PTFE product complete formula from zte.With strong cost management ability and high-end PCB manufacturing capacity, China's downstream manufacturers rely on huawei, the world's leading manufacturer of communication equipment, and the opportunity is certain.
  The company is a 2 layout 5G application: after layout of PCB materials, it began to make testing instruments and achieved a large market share, and then set its sights on PCB production equipment to provide overall technical solutions for the industry.Due to the increase in material cost caused by high frequency, manufacturers pay more attention to improve the precision and precision of material processing, which also makes the company's future product sales space broader.PCB precision processing testing equipment and PCB precision processing auxiliary materials developed, produced and sold by the company are widely used in the PCB industry.
From the semi-annual report released by the company, it can be seen that the technical upgrading and upgrading of the company's intelligent equipment such as laser cutting machine have enhanced the company's recognition and market competitiveness in the PCB industry, and brought incremental performance to the company.

  PCB industry continues to pick up, the company follows the market demand to expand capacity, actively research and develop new products, will follow the industry to grow.


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