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Carbon Fiber Heating Element For Heated Clothes

Heating clothes in winter is very popular. Today I will introduce the classification and performance of heating elements in heating clothes.


The heating element is the heart of heating clothes, quality and performance are the key. At present, most electric heated clothes use carbon materials with infrared heating function as heating elements. According to the form of heating, it can be divided into linear heating body and surface heating body.

Wire heater

The shape of the linear heating element is linear. Its heating area is lower than that of the surface heating element, and the temperature distribution uniformity is not as good as the surface heating element. However, it can coil out various curved surfaces, and has a high unit tensile strength and good strength. And durability. At present, heating wires are mainly made of carbon fiber filaments covered with an insulation layer. Then, a heating element is made in the part that needs to be heated.

Surface heating element

The surface heating body is mostly a combination of planes, and the three-dimensional cutting adaptability to human body heating clothing is not as good as a linear heating body. Unidirectional tensile strength, strength, and durability are also lower than wire heating elements.

Performance of carbon fiber heating elements

Resistance value stability

Regardless of which material is selected as the heating element, the resistance value of the heating element must be stable, that is, the heating element can maintain the same resistance value throughout the entire use of the electric heating clothing, and provide constant heating power. In the actual production process, due to many factors such as the choice of materials and production processes, the resistance value is often changed. The heating element is not only the same as the ordinary heating element, it must withstand the thermal fatigue performance of cold, heat, cold, and heat cycles. Tests, but also withstand the deformation test under the load of stretching, folding and other clothing use, and withstand changes in temperature and humidity when the heating clothing is used, such as: sweat, rain erosion test. Therefore, in the design of heating elements, especially flexible heating elements, various factors affecting resistance must be fully considered to ensure stable heating performance.

Uniformity of heating temperature

The uniformity of the heating temperature of the heating element refers to whether the heating temperature at each point in the heating area is consistent. If there is a serious difference, local heating of the heating element may occur, and even an accident may occur, which is very dangerous. Surface heating elements are more prone to this phenomenon than linear heating elements. The uniformity of the coating, the uniformity of the thickness of the fabric and paper, and the uniformity of the degree of carbonization all affect the uniformity of the heating temperature. 

Safety and comfort

The carbon content of the heating element is over 99.99%. It has the advantages of large power reserve, high temperature resistance and high heat capacity. The electrode is made of high temperature resistant molybdenum material and processed by a special process, which is high temperature resistant and has a long life. Effectively guarantee the service life of the "far infrared carbon fiber electric heating tube".

It can heat up quickly and save more than 30% of energy compared with the traditional metal electric heating materials. Carbon fiber is a pure black body heating material. There is almost no visible light during the electro-thermal conversion process. It has the characteristics of rapid temperature rise, small thermal hysteresis, uniform heating, long heat radiation transmission distance, and fast heat exchange speed. In the working process, the luminous flux is much smaller than that of the metal heating element, the electric-to-heat conversion efficiency is as high as 95% or more, and the thermal efficiency of the metal heating element of the same power tungsten molybdenum material is increased by more than 30%, and the heating time is saved by more than 30%. When the working environment allows, the working temperature can reach 1200 degrees Celsius, which can completely replace products with metal as the heating element.

Health performance

The far-infrared radiation effect is good, and the health care function is remarkable. Carbon fiber can be absorbed by water molecules in the air to produce a resonance frictional heat effect, which can quickly increase the temperature. In particular, it can effectively activate human tissue cells, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, enhance immunity, and have anti-odor, dehumidification, and antibacterial effects.

Most of the heat released by carbon fiber is far-infrared radiant energy. It avoids the generation of electromagnetic fields, and there is no surge current. 80% coincides with the infrared of the human body. Therefore, it is safe, energy-saving, healthy, and comfortable. It is currently the best performing electric heating element.

Our heating clothes use carbon fiber far-infrared heating, which can heat up quickly, has no harm to human body, has certain health effects, high safety performance, and customers can use it with confidence.


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