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  • High power supply

    High power supply

    In the early stage, the customer placed orders for six types of materials, so all materials are mixed together, which caused great difficulties for the staff, each project can have hundreds of materials, which makes it difficult to check the quantity of materials. The PCB is 4 layers, 370*229mm in size, and 3OZ in both inner and outer copper thickness. Due to the PCB carrying large current, copper thickness, metal device surface area is large, so there are the following requirements:

  • Control board of electric toy car

    Control board of electric toy car

    The complete picture below shows the product, which is a control panel used in children's electric cars. It is a simple 2-layer board with a size of 100*110mm. Green solder mask and white silk print, surface finish process is lead-free HASL. In order to facilitate the production, we make two pieces of the Mosaic, which can improve the production efficiency of SMT. The client is a Russian design company, helping a toy manufacturer design new toys.

  • Problems and precautions in PCB design

    Problems and precautions in PCB design

    Hello everyone! This is Grace from JY electronics, we are a professional PCB/PCBA OEM manufacturer in China. Our company has a professional PCB designer team. This is the most basic step for us to generate PCB and then complete the assembly, so I will introduce some important design points for PCB design to you today.

  • PCBA Product Introduction

    PCBA Product Introduction

    Robots will automatically know what tasks to perform and get them done. Robots will become such an integral part of our life that we may not even think about what they are doing.

  • Greenhouse thermometer

    Greenhouse thermometer

    This thermometer consists of a main unit and several auxiliary units. The main unit of the control room collects the data of each extension remotely. Ensure that the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse are suitable for the growth of crops.

  • Heavy Copper PCB

    Heavy Copper PCB

    The heavy copper PCB is a layer of copper foil bonded on the glass epoxy substrate of the printed circuit board. When the copper thickness is greater than or equal to 2oz, it is defined as a thick copper PCB.

  • Overcoming PCB Electromagnetic Issues

    Overcoming PCB Electromagnetic Issues

    Electromagnetic problems have always troubled PCB designers. System design engineers must always monitor electromagnetic compatibility and issues. Unfortunately, even small design problems can cause electromagnetic problems. In this article, we will introduce what is electromagnetic issues, the reasons for electromagnetic issues, why is it important to avoid electromagnetic issues, how to reduce electromagnetic issues, how to test to minimize electromagnetic interference?

  • Damages to Flexible PCBs

    Damages to Flexible PCBs

    Flexible printed circuit board technology offers a multitude of possibilities for different types of products and designs. It can help to reduce the size and weight of products, improve electronic packaging, withstand high temperature and etc. However, the flexible PCBs are easily damaged by improper personnel operation.

  • How to Choose A PCB Manufacturer

    How to Choose A PCB Manufacturer

    When you have PCB to produce, there are so many PCB manufacturers on the market to choose from. So how to choose the right PCB manufacturer can easily cause headaches. Start with three questions that will help you filter out 80% of unqualified suppliers

  • Component tin-connection problem in wave soldering

    Component tin-connection problem in wave soldering

    Then how are the components tin-connection formed? As far as we know, the components tin-connection is a kind of short circuit. It may be that the preheating temperature is not enough to cause the component to fail to meet the temperature requirements. During the soldering process, the component absorbs a large amount of heat, which leads to poor tin drag and the formation of tin. It is also possible that the temperature of the tin furnace is low, or the soldering speed is too fast.


  • Material of PCB

  • PCBA Clean

    In the process of PCB assembly processing, we need auxiliary agents to help soldering. As a matter of fact, after oxidation or high temperature, will generate s ...

  • How pcb is made

    (1) The first step of PCB production is to sort out and check the Layout of PCB. (2) PCB factory conversion to a unified format -- Extended Gerber RS-274X or G ...

  • PCB Assembly

    The solder of this soldering technique is solder paste. Apply the appropriate amount and shape of solder paste to the pads of the circuit board in advance.

  • Why PCB Is Green ?

    The pcb with copper on both sides. In the production of PCB, whether the copper layer made by addition method. Or subtraction method, the final surface will be ...

  • Printing Circuit Board

    PCB is the abbreviation of printed circuit board. It's call that "printed circuit board." PCB is an important electronic component in the electronic industry. ...