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  • Coating in PCBA
  • The Air Quality Sensor Board

    The Air Quality Sensor Board

    his PCBA was made for one of our American customers. This customer is in the smart home industry. The products produced by our company include circuit boards in modern household appliances such as bathroom heating, coffee machines, and air purifiers. This board is an intelligent monitoring board for this year's new generation of air purifiers. The customer first placed a sample order to us.

  • Protective circuit device of small controller

    Protective circuit device of small controller

    Products Purpose: Protective circuit device of small controller. Working principle: Convert the volts higher than the used voltage to the volts that can meet the normal use of the circuit, so as to meet the normal use of the equipment. And it can ensure the voltage stability, will not have the effect of burning the line, and ensure the normal operation of the overall line.

  • Thermodynamics and PCB design

    Thermodynamics and PCB design

    When PCB design is becoming smaller, thinner, and PCB products with a large amount of accumulation ability, we must take the heat factor into consideration. You need to make the PCB good heat dissipation, so that the components can work within the safety regulations. Otherwise it will seriously affect the life of PCBA. On the other hand, high temperature will cause the PCB to expand, and high temperature will increase the pressure on the key structure of the PCB. Especially in some HDI PCB, there are some tiny holes with BGA and high aspect ratio

  • What are PCB board materials?

    What are PCB board materials?

    With the continuous expansion of PCB market capacity, the demand of PCB board is also increasing. How to select the most suitable plate for proofing has become a problem considered by many engineers.

  • 4 PCB+4 PCBA projects

    4 PCB+4 PCBA projects

    We are working with Australian customers on 4 PCB projects and 4 PCBA projects. These items are used for electrical equipment testing, safety testing, prevention and other related instruments. This is our first cooperation, the order is 2K each type.

  • Pure Resistance Cirtuits

    Pure Resistance Cirtuits

    What is the pure resistance circuits?In AC circuit, resistance (R), inductance (L) and capacitance (C) are three basic circuit components. If there is only one kind of the components in the circuit is called a pure circuit.

  • PCBA repair process

    PCBA repair process

    Today, the editor of JY Electronics is here to share some experience and skills of circuit board repair technology for you. If you want to learn the technology of circuit board repair system systematically, you can click on the official website of JY Electronics. We will regularly share some practical small parts of SMT processing plants for you. Tips, including but not limited to maintenance:

  • Level gauge

    Level gauge

    The product below is a static pressure level gauge,The client is a Russian design company, mainly designing and developing PCBA products related to industry.

  • PCBA for Car Audio

    PCBA for Car Audio

    This PCBA is made for one of our Brazil clients. It is use for car audio. This customer is specialized in manufacturing household and car audio, and is well-known car audio brand around the world.


  • Material of PCB

  • PCBA Clean

    In the process of PCB assembly processing, we need auxiliary agents to help soldering. As a matter of fact, after oxidation or high temperature, will generate s ...

  • How pcb is made

    (1) The first step of PCB production is to sort out and check the Layout of PCB. (2) PCB factory conversion to a unified format -- Extended Gerber RS-274X or G ...

  • PCB Assembly

    The solder of this soldering technique is solder paste. Apply the appropriate amount and shape of solder paste to the pads of the circuit board in advance.

  • Why PCB Is Green ?

    The pcb with copper on both sides. In the production of PCB, whether the copper layer made by addition method. Or subtraction method, the final surface will be ...

  • Printing Circuit Board

    PCB is the abbreviation of printed circuit board. It's call that "printed circuit board." PCB is an important electronic component in the electronic industry. ...