Best PCB Manufacturer - Finding The Best One For Your Needs

You have an idea that you want to implement but the actual production of it may not be as easy as you'd have liked it to be. Thankfully, in the world of electronics, concepts can easily become reality with the right technology. As you already know, the printed circuit board, otherwise referred to as a PCB is an important component for any significant (or even insignificant) device, so having a trusted factory working with you will eliminate the doubts that might interfere with any progress you make. Now, knowing which is the best PCB manufacturer you should deal with, is the topic of this short article.

Top 10 PCB Manufacturers

Best PCB Manufacturer

Okay, so with that sub-title, you would have imagined that we'd instantly list the most trustworthy and reliable PCB factories around the world. We just wanted to throw that out there immediately as we know it's what one would like to see (as we haven't seen an elite list like that created either), but at the same time futile, since depending on your needs, a generic printed circuit board list would be useless. You'd have to identify the parameters first and then possibly proceed to compile such a list. What we'll be doing here instead is not list what we think are the top 10, but describe what you should look out for in the whole PCB process and what you should expect to see from a trusted PCB company.

As mentioned in another informative piece on our website about PCB manufacturing, China is where the majority of printed circuit boards are made. We just have access to the proper systems and been doing it long enough to make it both reliable and affordable. Read that more to learn what advantages you can have by using a reliable company such as Dalian JY Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. So yes, of course we consider ourselves one of the top ten PCB manufacturers in the world, but understand we would be biased so will list things you should inspect about your chosen printed circuit board factory before making a commitment with them.

Ease Of Setup

While for those in the know, the process may seem simple, PCB manufacturing can take a toll on even the most patient person. Having a company being able to guide you through the process so it's seamless is really what you want. This saves you money and most of all time.

Availability Of Options

From patterning to etching, engraving to finishing, single layers to multi-layers, there are quite a few options to consider when getting your PCB made. PC board repairs, while not a priority, should be an offering as it's normal that wear and tear may require this service. A well rounded company can provide you choices so you don't have to shop around every time you need to make a change. We understand that price is a factor here so better companies will know how to incorporate this flexibility, while also making things reasonable to afford.

PCB Manufacturing Process

See how one can transfer PCB schematics to layout here.


Our company for example has been in this business for 20 years, so to say we've seen all the obstacles in the PCB industry would be an understatement. Constantly keeping apprised of technology improvements and even innovating is the preferred way. The use of the best PCB design software also allows customers to easily relay what they want with communication not being a barrier at all. Experienced companies will have this type of resume, working with large companies you are most likely familiar with. Examine this and be confident that well known brands would not continue to invest in companies if they were not certain of the results.

Sparkfun PCB manufacture said it best on their website that fabrication houses don't have an easy job. The whole process of creating a PCB involves many processes that could be prone to error. Knowing this, it is important to do your due diligence. As you can see, it's not good enough to rely on a pcb manufacturer list at face value and suddenly the solution appears. Take the above factors into consideration and remember that knowing the specifics of your project will make the choice a bit easier. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.