Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly For Large Ship

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Product Description

We have worked with an Australian customer for more than 6 years. Most of his projects are used on large ships. Today I will introduce one pcba project. It is 4 layer pcb, 1OZ copper, 1.6mm  board thickness, green solder mask with white silkscreen, and surface finishing is ENIG. The single size of the board is 110*50mm, but in order to assembly earlier,  we made it 2 in 1 panel. And the panels size is 120*220mm, we added 10mm board edge to single board. Because the board is used for large ships, which need high quality. So we used KB material with TG 150. We don't accept X-board because of 2 in 1 panels assembly. There are more than 50 kinds components on the board, so the surface finishing has to be ENIG. For assembly,  ENIG is better than hasl lead free. And it is V-CUT to connect the board.

pcb board

The board is used for large ship, all the components customers ask us to purchase from original brand and manufacturer. So we find first level agent and large website. It is prohibit to substitutes for components. Some connectors need to be customized from the original manufacturer. We have to make a reservation because of the long delivery. Some of the chips we buy directly from the United States. These components are scheduled to be shipped 2 weeks after ordered. 

When all the pcb boards and components arrive, our IQC double check the quantity and quality. They check the components' footprint with plate's pad. Confirm all the components' kinds, brand, footprint, year and quantity. See if it's oxidation. Then they PUT the components in the constant temperature warehouse. Then our engineer who take charge in this project will go to the constant temperature warehouse to confirm the components' quality again. After double check, the board and components will wait for production in the production line.

pcb for shipAnd the board has ICS, we need to program the IC with CD-Recorder. The way we use is the offline to program IC. Processing the incoming material such as carry on the tape. Prepared everything, we start to assembly by machine.

Because the circuit board is used in a wet environment for a long time. So after assembly, we need to coating glue. It's is a difficult and complicated step. Some ICs and connectors are no need to coat. So we have to protect them with tapes and stick tape manually. After the spray, put the pcbs in a ventilating place and waiting for dry. Glue is easy to flow into the components, influence the function and quality of the pcb board. So we must be carefully to deal it. After these, we pack the assembled pcb board with an antistatic bag. 

Ships are made up of many parts, according to the functions and uses of each part, ships can be divided into three parts: hull, marine power plant, ship electric, etc. Our project is mainly used in marine power plant. The market prospects is very broad. 

If you have related project, you can contact us for more, we have rich experience in PCB and Assembly industry.

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