Main Printed Circuit Board For Data Processor

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Product Description

This board is the main board of the data processor. It mainly collects the data of the industrial production workshop, and collects, edits, and exports files. It is an auxiliary tool for industrial robots. It is very popular in the US industrial market, and the current demand is quite large.

main circuit board for data processor

Main board is a 4 layer pcb board. Thickness of board is all 1.6mm, the difference for this board is cooper and inner copper with 2oz thickness. Its surface finishing is Lead Free HASL. The surface of pcb board is green solder with white silk. The pads on board are normal. It is easy to produce.The specifications of this product is FR4 material, TG130, IPC Class2, width and distance between circuit are all common. We plan to make single piece in one panel, because the size of PCB is big as 170mm*125mm. All inquiries are meet industry standards. There is no X-out board during producing, and Production process belongs to conventional production.

The production of this substrate is very simple, but the parts procurement part encountered several difficulties. The first is the large capacitance displayed on the picture. It is not a conventional component on the market, so we found the supplier through the foreign website, purchasing 5000. The accuracy of the guaranteed delivery period.

The second difficulty of the components is this connector, there are five internal legs, the customer specified low Taiwanese manufacturers to buy, need to order, the delivery period is 4 weeks, after consulting with the customer, the customer agrees to the delivery, Taiwan supply Guaranteed production.

The third difficulty of the components is the wiring connector. It can be found through the picture that he is composed of multiple 2-pin connectors. The customer does not want to have a complete connector, which brings certain difficulties to the later plug-in work. When purchasing, the staff can easily buy 6 pieces, which is actually 3 pcs 2pin connectors.

components on pcb boardThe fourth difficulty is that these two heat sinks are also a product ordered. Unlike the universal heat sinks on the market, the distance between each leg is different. A factory that looks for a heat sink in ShenZhen gives We supply, because the quantity is 5,000, so the factory order quantity is 4000, we have met the procurement requirements, and the subsequent placement should pay attention to the internal screws. After soldering the heat sink, you need to manually tighten the screws to ensure that the heat sink will not fall during the work of the machine. This is a rigorous work.

This board looks very simple. It is a bit difficult in the process of placement. It requires careful work to ensure accuracy. For example, there are a lot of 103 and 104 package components. Their appearance is a touch. The same, it is difficult to distinguish, so in the process of the plug-in, you must look at the silk screen on the board which is 103 position, which is 104 position, then take two components from the bag, align the position number, proceed the plugin works.

There are two chips that are combined chips, the bottom is a soldered base, the chip above needs to be copied and installed. This gives the welder another process. For normal chips, we only need to solder them once. This is a three-step process, so the price of this makeup fee will be slightly higher, but our factory can also successfully complete the work.

This business we already did 2 years, each year we will have a production with 20000pcs, each quarter has about 5000pcs for customer. We believe that the product will have better market in future, because use machine to work can save lot of salary and energy of people.If you are interested please contact us anytime. We will serve you and give some better advise.

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