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Product Description

DALIAN JY ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD. newly launched the LED series, including corn lamps, LED bulbs, wall washers, wall lamps, etc., and created our own brand JUSTONE.

Today we mainly introduce the A60 in our LED bulbs. Recently, a Pakistani customer just ordered 100,000 A60 bulbs from our company. Mainly used for local retail sales in Pakistan. The A60 bulb is popular among third-world countries because of its energy saving, environmental protection and high brightness.

LED lighting

The bulb's shell is made of white plastic, and the bulb cap at the top of the bulb can be removed. The interior is composed of an aluminum substrate.

The following are the parameters of the aluminum substrate:
Aluminum plate diameter 40mm
Board thickness 1.0mm
Thermal conductivity 1.0
Solder Resist White
Silk screen: Black
LED lights: 16
Wattage: 12W

The following is the performance of the A60 bulb:
The light source adopts a high-quality highlight chip, which emits light evenly with soft light
Mask with high-quality PC mask, high light transmittance, more uniform light color
Intelligent constant current drive, no strobing voltage is more stable
E27 international lamp holder, suitable for most home use
The lamp body adopts high-quality plastic-coated aluminum lamp body, which has excellent heat dissipation performance and better lamp service life

Made in China
Model: A60
Color rendering index: 80-90
Shade material: PC
Output voltage: 85-265V
Power factor: 0.5
Is it dimmable: No
Light body material: plastic bag aluminum
Effective life: 50000H
Light color: warm white light, white light
Luminous flux:210,315,420,525,630(lm)
Beam angle:180 degree

The Bulb Lamp Series Our company also has many other models, suitable for different environments. Welcome to contact our customer service staff to communicate.

OEM OEMs are welcome, with more than 100 free laser markings.
Welcome cross-border e-commerce cooperation, you can tailor-made for you, you have the amount, I have the price.

Product Consultation

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