Immersion gold 94v-0 FR4 printed circuit board

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Product Description


Product Name   PCB & PCBA
Type   Rigid
Material   FR4, CEM1, CEM3, High Frequency Board, 
Layer   1,2,4,6...20Layer


  Retangular, Round, Slots, Cutouts, Complex, Irregular
Cutting   Shear, V-score, Tab-routed
Board Thickness   0.2-4mm, regular 1.6mm
Copper Thickness   0.5-4oz, regular 1oz
Solder Mask   Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, etc.
Silk Screen   White, Black, etc.
Silk Screen Min Line Width   0.006" or 0.15mm
Min Trace/Gap   0.1mm or 4mils
Min Drill Hole Diameter   0.01",0.25mm or 10mils
Surface Finish   HASL, ENIG, OSP, etc.



Our Factory

Dalian JY Eletronic Co., Ltd was established in 2002. We mainly offer High-Precision Single-Side, Souble-Side, Multi-layer Printed Circuit Boards, LED Aluminium Printed Circuit Board, Customers Components Procurement and PCB Assembly (SMT) Business.
Now the production capacity of our factory has reached 600,000 square meters annually. And our products apply far and wide in many fields such as communication, computer, mobile phone, eletronic equipment and electrical appliance.
We established an assembly line in 2010, all the assembly machines were purchased from Pnansonic, which can assemble the components of 0201. The production capacity of the PCBA are 2,000,000 points per day. 

JY factory

Drill is very important, so we have a perfect drill management area, and a machine 24 hours polished to ensure the quality of the drill bit.

machine 2.jpg

Inspection and Test



PCBA Capability

Item Capability Item Capability

Solder Paste 


Accuracy: ±0.025mm Wave Soldering  
Max. speed: 150mm/sec Nitrogen source: external
PCB max. area: 400*310mm PCB max. size: 400*330mm
PCB thickness: 0.2-6mm Temperature accuracy: ±1°C
SMT  Accuracy: ±0.03mm Lead free compatible
Speed: 0.17sec/pc  
PCB max. area: 350*350mm AOI  

Available part: 

0201 chip to 35*35mm

Accuracy: ±0.0024mm
Accuracy: ±0.05mm Speed: 5in² /sec (60FOV/sec)
Speed: 0.048sec/pc PCB max. area:300*300mm

PCB max. area: 


Available component: 

0201 chip and fine pitch

Available part: 

0402 chips to 14mm (H 12mm)

X-ray  Inspection  

Minimum SMD resistor and 

capacitor: 0201

BGA void

(0.5mm distance between Ball)

Minimum BGA R-VTx: 0.15mm Solderability inner shielding



Nitrogen source: external BGA Rework  
PCB max. size: 400*330mm Nitrogen source: NA
Temperature accuracy: ±4°C PCB max. size: 350mm
Zones: 8 Temperature accuracy: ±1°C
Lead free compatible

Lead free compatible


When we attended some Exhibiton Show all around the world, such as USA, Japan, Thailand etc., our products attracted many people and they like our prodcuts and give a high praise for our professional service. Thanks for their trust and we have already built long term business cooperation. 

When client visit our factory, all of them were satisfied with our workshop, they said  "The facotry is so clean, big and professional. Your machines, production line and your team are amazing."



Our company is not only trying to give customers a good product, but also pay attention to offering a complete and safe package. And here we prepare some personalized services for all the orders.

Common packaging:
PCB:  Sealed bag, Anti-static bags, Suitable carton.
PCBA:  Antistatic foam bags, Anti-static bags, Suitable carton.

Regular Cartons Specification.
No. Dimension (L*W*H)
Small Size :         33cm*28.5cm*18.5cm
Medium Size:       44.5cm*30cm*15cm
Big Size:              51.5cm*32.5cm*17.5cm

Customized Cartons:
Carton outside according to the requirements of customers printed the name of the customer address, mark, the customer needs to specify the destination and other information.

Product Consultation

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