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Product Description

We received an inquiry about fridge PCBA reverse engineering project.We got 4 PCBA samples, two of them are LED PCB, another two boards are main control board and LCD board. We have rich experience of PCB and PCBA reverse engineering and we have a professional engineer mainly do reverse engineering work.

The PCB are all single layer,board material is FR4, with green solder mask and white silk print. The surface finishing is HASL. The board size is 208*36mm and 197*148mm.The LCD board also a FR4 PCB, single layer, with green solder mask and white silk print. But the LCD component is not very common. It's a order made type,in future batch order, we must open a mould to make that LCD screen. The two LED boards, those are aluminum base material, just for light on when open the door of fridge. so we mustn't make same as the samples. Our engineer found ones with same dimension, this way could save lot of cost for our customer.

There are two main difficulty in this reverse engineering project. One is that LCD screen, as this component is a order made one, there's no a same one in the market. If customer want to clone a same one, we must to open a mold. But at the first step ,our customer only want make 1 sample to check if it could work well, they don't want spend so much money on this sample checking step. So our engineer suggest use the LCD screen on the sample that customer sent us before. In this way, we needn't to open the mold, this way save time and money for our customer. Our customer feel it's a good idea and agree with us.One more difficulty is IC Decryption. There are two IC on the main control board. All of them need do IC Decryption. Chip decryption is also known as single-chip decryption (IC decryption). Since the MCU chips in the official product are all encrypted, the program cannot be read directly by using the programmer. Chip decryption is to directly obtain the burned file in the encrypted MCU through certain equipment and methods. You can copy the chip yourself or disassemble your own reference research. This time we have to do the chip decryption, the program is complex, and both exist at the bottom of the chip, which adds a lot of difficulty to our chip decryption. After decryption, we can guarantee that the function of the sample is the same as that of the original customer. It can be obtained by burning the file (machine language) to the customer, and the customer can freely write it.

PCB Reverse EngineeringOn the main control board, there are 39 kinds of components. As the customer want us estimate a cost of making samples and future batch order, our engineer must check all components one by one. We must check specification of all components, and estimate a cost of them. It's not a easy work, we must try best to give a very exact cost, this can be used as a reference to our customer. There are 14 kinds of components on LCD board, our engineer check the open mold cost and other components cost.

Now we have got the customer payment, first step is to do IC decryption, if we successful,we will go on to clone the PCB boards. If IC decryption not failed, we will return money back to the customer. This way also make customer feel rest assured.If samples work well, the first batch is 1000sets.

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