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Product Description

It is currently the hottest season of the year. In this climate, people need fans other than air conditioners. Let me introduce you to an electric fan produced by our factory. We mainly provide the motor inside. The PCB circuit board is the core part of the fan's work.

As shown in the figure, the core part is composed of a 2-layer circuit board and the components required for soldering. I will introduce the difficulties and key points of each part one by one.

This double sided pcb board. Thickness of board is 2.4mm, It is little difficult to produce because the normal material is 1.5mm, so we used material 2.0mm board to produce this main board. The thickness of the board is normal as 1 OZ .And you will see another vison that there is s small hole in the middle of the board, it is used to screw on the motor. But their surface finishing all are Lead Free HASL. The surface of pcb board is green solder with white silk. The pads on board are normal. It is easy to produce.The specifications of this product is FR4 material, TG130, IPC Class2,width and distance between circuit are all common.We plan to make single piece in one panel,because the size of PCB is circle as 80mm*80mm. Our factory produced as 4 panels as 2*2 pcs. All inquiries are meet industry standards.There is no X-out board during producing, and Production process belongs to conventional production.

fan pcbThis is the vison2 type, it is similar but the little difference between them ,This required 4 small hole at the edge of the printed circuit board. And this type use less components than vison1, as you saw, it is used for wall fans.

Regarding the placement of this substrate, the components are not high requirements, they are all regular components, and our partners can provide the spot, which guarantees the delivery of mass production, mainly with a small IC, post-burning The program can test the working condition, and other components are conventional components such as resistors, capacitors, thyristors, and linkers.

As shown in the figure, the outside of the board is wrapped by a metal casing, and there is also a motor motor inside. This casing is supplied to the factory by the customer. We are responsible for the assembly test. Because the motor and the casing have a certain weight, the workers are in the assembly process. It takes a little more work, but the work is still very simple.

As can be seen from the above figure, this circuit can be divided into three parts, the leftmost 220V AC power circuit, the middle swing circuit, and the rightmost fan circuit. The fan motor is a single-phase AC motor. It has two winds inside, one is the running winding (also called the main winding), and the other is the starting winding (also the auxiliary winding group). The start-up circuit consists of a phase-separated capacitor that spatially separates the primary and secondary winds by an electrical angle of 90°. The speed regulating circuit is composed of a series of speed regulating switches in series, and the speed of the motor is adjusted to adjust the voltage of the motor to realize the speed regulation.

At present, the product has the best sales volume, with 50,000 sets at the end of each year, and one return order in spring. The market in Southeast Asia is the best, and the customer demand is also the largest.Of course, the requirements of the European and American markets will be higher, but our factory can also meet the production, welcome to consult and purchase.

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