Customized high quality 2 Layers Flexible PCB

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Product Description
Product Description
Flexible Circuits Specification
Product Name   Flexible Circuits
Type   1-8 Layer
Quality Grade   Standard IPC 2
Material   DuPont PI, Domestic Shengyi PI

Board Size

  Min 6mm*6mm, Max 400mm*500mm
Board Thickness   0.6mm - 2.0mm
Copper Thickness   0.5oz - 2.0oz
Min Tracing / Spacing


Solder Mask Sides   As per the file
Solder Mask Color

  Green, White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow

Solder Stop Coating   PI and PET Film
Silkscreen Sides   As per the file
Silkscreen Color   White, Black, Yellow
Surface Finishing   HASL, HASL Leadfree, Immersion Tin, Gold Finger, OSP
Min Annular Ring   4mil
Min Hole Diameter   8mil
Tolerance Dimension   ±0.05mm
Other Tech   Peelable Solder Mask, Stiffener


Single Layer FPC Structure:

This kind of fpc is simple structure FPC.Usually made by Raw material and stick band copper clad laminates,those three raw materials are basic production material of fpc .

First the clad laminates need etching then get the circuit we want. The protective film need drill vias then get pads.

Then clean it up with rolling process to combine both together.

Then do the ENIG or HASL surface finishing to protect the pad. In this way fpc board will be made.

Usually need stamping exactly corresponding and form small printed circuit board.some fpc factory didn’t use use protection,this cost will be very low,but the circuit board strength will become bad. Except for the strength need low level,price need low ,better us paste protective film.

photobank (1).jpg

Double FPC Structure:

When the board circuits are very complex and single board can not reach functions needs,we need choose double fpc or multilayers fpc .The difference bewtween single layer fpc and mutilayer fpc are add via design series so that connect all layers clad copper.

Usually the first step to make vias. Drilling vias on the base material can clad copper are first step. And the next step is almost same to single layer fpc.

photobank (2).jpg

Our Factory
First we will exposure the Gerber circuit onto the film and then we will manufacture the PCB exactly the same according to the film. In the meanwhile, we maintain our workshop clean all day long to ensure the accuracy of exposure.
Exhibition & Client

 Exhibition and Clients

Packaging & Shipping

 Our company is not only trying to give customers a good product, but also pay attention to offering a complete and safe package. And here we prepare some personalized services for all the orders.

Common packaging:
PCB:  Sealed bag, Anti-static bags, Suitable carton.
PCBA:  Antistatic foam bags, Anti-static bags, Suitable carton.

Regular Cartons Specification.
No. Dimension (L*W*H)
Small Size :         33cm*28.5cm*18.5cm
Medium Size:     44.5cm*30cm*15cm
Big Size:              51.5cm*32.5cm*17.5cm

Customized Cartons:
Carton outside according to the requirements of customers printed the name of the customer address, mark, the customer needs to specify the destination and other information.


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