Custom Carbon Fiber Electric Rechargable Heated Dog Jacket Heating Dod Clothes

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Product Description

Based on the Bluetooth remote intelligent control positioning monitoring system, the mobile APP is used as the control end of the medical intelligent drug package to remotely monitor the elderly and children, and has the advantages of complete functions, convenient use, safety and reliability.

Temperture Control 35oC, 45 oC, 55oC
Supply Voltage 12V/5V
Output Voltage 5V
Output Current 2A
Control Module Button Control, APP Remote Control
Location and Tracking Connect with Mobile Phone
Communication Mode Blutooth
Bluetooth Valid Range 5-15m

System Tyep

Normal Type, Buletooth Type

Carbon Fiber Heating Pad

waterproof, fire prevvention, washable

Heating Pad Pieces


Electric Heating Advantage

- Electric heating without any chemical safety, internal circuit protection design is safe and reliable

- The electric heating embedded circuit control ensures that the temperature is controllable and constant temperature, and there is no sudden temperature drop or sudden rise. Guaranteed comfort

- The electric heating is equipped with charging equipment to ensure the continuity of the equipment, avoiding the one-time and heat-reducing effect of the self-heating product.

- The Carbon Fiber Heating Pad is waterproof, Fire Prevention and Washiable

- You can also choose Traditional Chinese Medicine for the heating systerm, medicine work together with the heating pad can relieve body pain better.


- Is your medical kit harmful to the human body?

We use the Chinese medicine to regulate the mitigating effect. Compared with Western medicine, Chinese medicine has various preventive measures, fewer side effects and a mild prevention process. Therefore, we have chosen the traditional Chinese medicine method to solve the customer's needs. The Chinese medicine has the effect of relieving and health care. It is harmless to the human body.

- Does the medical kit need manual adjustment or intelligent adjustment? What is the role?

The medical kit is a smart pack adjustment system. The smart pack includes automatic dispensing device, automatic help ringing, automatic transfer device, physical condition monitoring device, video monitoring device and pager.

- Can I provide customized services?

We are a 13-year manufacturer and we have extensive R&D experience. And can provide customized services.

- Do you have any other experience in intelligent control electronic board production?

Yes, we have made smart wearable devices, including smart clothes, smart shoes, smart canes, smart hats, etc.

- Why choose us?

1. With strong R&D capabilities, we will develop 4 new products for different markets to meet different needs.
2. We have a professional sales team to provide quality services to international marketing customers.
3. With strong production capacity, quality products and on-time delivery

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