Agricultural Use Laser Receiver PCB Assembly PCBA

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Product Description

Laser receiving system, a system for receiving laser information and performing photoelectric conversion and amplification. It is mainly composed of a receiving optical system, a photodetector, an amplifier (preamplifier, main amplifier) and so on. Now we are doing a agricultural use laser receiver PCBA from a Canada customer.They doing this area from 2005, and this time it's a new design of their PCB production.

It is a 2 layer PCB,TG140,1.6mm board thickness, 2oz copper thickness, ENIG surface finishing, green solder mask and white silk print. Fabricate per IPC-6012 Class 2, punch tooling hole registration tolerance +/-0.005. Conductor width tolerance +/-20%. The fabrication shall be approved UL and RoHS certification.The PCB size is 192mm*108mm. It is a two side mount PCB board, with 13 chip on the it.

First, we checked his design, found that the package size provided by the customer was larger than the pad, which made it impossible to solder. We reflected the problem to the customer, the customer realized the design problem, and changed the chip model in time, so that we saved the customer unnecessary losses in advance. In addition, we also found that there are two switches on the substrate that are too close to each other to affect the use of the switch. By reacting with the customer, our engineers also recommend replacing one of the switches with the DIP package so that they stay with each other. There is space and will not interfere with each other.

There are more than 55 kinds of components on the PCB board, and it has been the newest design, the BOM provided to us with many corrections and notes, we must be very carefully to check one by one, the package, value, part No., accuracy...All the LEDs must 5mm higher than PCB board, the resistor must be 1% accuracy not 5%, the capacitor must 8mm. The PCB are two side mount with SMD and DIP components both. Some components at the edge of the printed circuit board are easily cold welded, such as the pads are a little small and the components footprint are so big, subtle deviation of silk screens or pads can lead to poor soldering easily. So our engineer make the pads 1-2mm bigger, after this change, the components 100% well soldered.

The agricultural laser flat ground system has been widely used in developed countries and regions such as the United States and Canada. In recent years, China has also begun to apply. The system can be used to level the land for irrigation, reduce soil erosion and increase land yield. The figure shows the tractor traction planer leveling machine under the laser control for the ground operation. The agricultural laser leveling system is introduced as follows:

The agricultural laser land leveling system is mainly composed of a laser transmitter, a laser receiver, a controller and a hydraulic workstation. The working principle is as follows: the laser emitter emits a reference circular plane of a certain diameter (the reference slope can also be provided), and the receiver mounted on the blade support rod controls the hydraulic actuator by the signal collected by the controller, hydraulic The organization can control the up and down movement of the scraper shovel as required to complete the land leveling operation.

The laser receiver is generally mounted on a flat machine and connected to the controller through a cable. The accuracy of the receiver receiving signal can be adjusted. This project of the laser receiver of this project is 300mm.Customers expect to produce 500 sets per month.The Canadian agricultural and agri-food industry is an important part of the Canadian economy, accounting for 8% of its GDP in 2005. Canada has an area of 46 million hectares of cultivated land, accounting for 5% of the total land area.Therefore, the equipment put into operation this time will have a good prospect in Canada in the future.

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