Product & Case Design

According to your requirements, we provide customized PCB design service for you, we have many years of experience in this feild.

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Service ability:  LED Light Board:We can do all kinds of LED Board Design, such as led medallions, led light, round led , led strip and so on.Only if you supply us the inquiry and thought we can design for you.below is our samples:


Real Using Showing:

Power Board Design:we can design the power board for many device, such as: LED, Charger, Power Bank and some other device need power.below is our samples:

SCM Board Design:Our company has professional Engineering team do scm design specially. They have designed many different area device for clients all over the world.Any idea you want to realize they will help design and then produce out real boards for you.

This is Magnetic field detecting device, this is used for magic detecting, we design is upon the principle:  Using cellphone with electronic compass and MSP430 MCU control.

 This is toy gun we designed. It is used in CS field combat training. Engineer used MSP430 microcontroller to control the motor speed operation.

This is a bump contrlling device. It is used for automatic pumping, we designed on Use PIC MCU timing control.

Besides: we can also do some housing designs.Any product you want enclosure to put it into, we all can design for you.

If you have any inquiry or idea of your product, please send to us, we all try our best to design and produce sample to test, we gurantee the quality and make it till it works the best.