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How to simplify pcb design process?

Sometimes just design a simple circuit board, drawing circuit diagram (schematic) seems to be a waste of time; especially if you have had to complete one or two design experience. But for the initial design of PCB people, painting circuit diagram will be a difficult task. Skip the circuit diagram is a strategy that novice and has a modest experience with design engineers, but you can develop your wiring from a complete circuit diagram that can be used as a reference to help ensure that  your cabling can be done The following is the reason.

First, the circuit diagram is the visual representation of the PCB circuit, can convey a number of levels of information; circuit sub-area several pages detailed drawing, function corresponding to the components can be arranged in the adjacent location, regardless of its final physical layout. Second, since the circuit symbol symbolizes each of the components of each component, it is easy to check out the unconnected pins; in other words, regardless of whether the formal rules of the circuit are followed, the circuit diagram will help you quickly Visual judgment, to ensure the integrity of the circuit.

In the design of PCB if there is a circuit diagram can be used as a base model, can simplify the wiring task. Use the circuit diagram symbols to complete the link, and you do not need to repeatedly think about those links under the premise to overcome the alignment challenge; Finally, you will be caught in the first revision of the missing line link and save the design redo.

The sliver is a manufacturing error that is best managed through the appropriate circuit diagram board design (Figure 1); in order to understand the lap problem, we need to review the chemical etching process. Chemical etching is to decompose unwanted copper, but if the part to be etched is particularly long, thin, flaky, those shapes are sometimes stripped before being completely decomposed; the lobes will float in the chemical solution May randomly fall on another piece of circuit board.


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