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  • 9 Tips For Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Inspection

    Circuit board inspection should pay attention to some details, in order to better ensure the quality of the product. When testing the PCB board, we should pay attention to the following 9 common tips.

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Considerations In PCB Design

    As the sensitivity of electronic devices becomes higher and higher, the anti-interference ability of electronic devices is required to become stronger. For high-speed PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design EMI problems, there are usually two ways to solve: one is to suppress the impact of EMI, the other is to shield the impact of EMI.

  • PCB Board Impedance Knowledge

    What is impedance, why PCB boards need to be impedance and the meaning of impedance for PCB boards.

  • Replace IC Skills To Make PCB Circuit Design More Perfect

    When you need to replace the IC in the PCB circuit design, let's share the tips of replacing the IC to help the designer to be more perfect in PCB circuit design.

  • Application Of Industrial Robots In The PCB Industry

    The PCB industry is a technology-intensive and capital-intensive industry, but it is still a labor-intensive industry, with the improvement of robot performance and the decline of price, the replacement of the traditional "automation equipment + manual operation" production mode by "automation equipment + industrial robot operation" will become the transformation trend of the PCB industry.

  • Automotive Electronics Drive High-Speed Growth Of Automotive PCB

    The reliability of the automotive PCB is extremely high. Intelligent driving has opened up more imagination for the automobile economy, and the penetration rate in the automotive market is increasing. The market for ADAS systems is growing rapidly. A variety of operational control, safety control, and peripheral control functions are required in ADAS. PCBs are expected to be fully automated in the future. More PCBs will be assembled to meet driving needs.

  • Etching Technology Of Outer Circuit Of PCB Circuit Board

    Currently, tin or lead tin is the most commonly used resist layer used in the etching process of ammonia etchants. Ammonia etchants are commonly used chemical liquids that do not undergo any chemical reaction with tin or lead tin. The ammonia etchant mainly refers to an ammonia/ammonia chloride etching solution.

  • PCB Assembly ( PCBA ) For Video Doorbell

    With the development of society, science and technology, many smart products have emerged in family. Today, we introduce you a PCB product for doorbell. The video intercom doorbell is an indispensable device for future development. It will eliminate danger and use video and voice to understand the intent of visitors, safeguard people's safety.

  • Several Basic Factors Affecting PCB Plating And Hole Filling Process

    The global electroplating PCB industry's output value accounts for a rapid increase in the proportion of the total output value of the electronic components industry. It is the industry with the largest proportion of the electronic component segmentation industry and has a unique position. The annual output value of electroplated PCB is 60 billion US dollars.

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